WhyAn Elected Trump Must Fail

CaughtMostly, politicians fail for the same reason: They do not fulfill their promises. The same is applicable to government generally. And no more can Donald Trump fulfill his promises nor the wider expectations he has generated among voters. He must then, fail in office should he be elected. Simply, the issues he alone is willing to address in public to date have been accumulating for decades; no single official can alter such momentum.

Start with immigration, one of Mr. Trumps’ pet subjects that few others are willing to discuss. Why are the U.S. and Europe reeling under the onslaught of massive numbers of impecunious and largely slightly educated arrivals?

  1. Democrat politicians want the votes commonly bestowed by such folk upon their party.
  2. Republicans want the cheap labor that they provide compared to natives.
  3. Less celebrated but significant, globalists among U.S. ruling elite want a single world government and believe that earth’s population must be mixed into a planet wide goulash before nationalism can be watered down enough to permit that.
  4. Finally and not least, economics dictates that production costs must eventually equalize through competition. U.S. wages will decline as hey have been doing (as a percentage of GDP) for 46 years and Chinese wages will rise as they have been doing. Massive immigration accelerates that, as no.3 describes.


Consider also U.S. (and others) debt. Every U.S. taxpayer owes over $150,000 of Federal debt on top of his, her or its own borrowings. Most cannot repay that and never will. Yet the voters have been led to believe that they are somehow entitled to the government goodies financed by the requisite deficits and are unwilling to give them up, so politicians continue to borrow to fund those benefits, never mind that they cannot repay the resulting debt. Per Louis XIV: “Apres moi, le deluge!”

A President Trump in the White House can indeed order the Border Patrol to enforce the presently moribund immigration laws but his enforcing agents are paid only by money provided by Congress. Presently, both parties in Congress want open borders. One may note that it is not Ted Cruz but Paul Ryan who is Speaker of the House and Representative Ryan is not willing to close the border. The Senate is the same.And so are the major donors to politicians, whom it should be noted, contribute to both parties these days. That is telling, is it not?

And who will support the seizure of taxpayers’ already declining wealth to force debt repayment or the acceleration of inflation for the same reason? No. Our politicians will, at the behest of their donors, continue the status quo until it collapses on its own. One of the reasons that neither Democrats nor Republicans have fielded serious candidates may be the concern that the next president will become the successor to Herbert Hoover.

No president then, seems likely to alter the accumulating  economic and financial decline but at a terrible price in lost wealth and at the necessity of actions that will require stanch support from Congress and others. A team effort on a large and risky scale.

But nor Mr. Trump nor any other candidate is in any position to command such political unity, especially at the cost of alienating the masses of voters who will end with the bill. It will require much more than Obamaesque executive orders to alter the headlong rush to insolvency now in effect. No one alone in the White House can accomplish that.

It matters not in this aspect: The next occupant of the White House cannot succeed, but must fail as reality presents its bills.

Sorry about that …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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