GLEANING FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannFor your information, some of the week’s affairs other than the 2916 election:

Target’s stock price has dropped as its gender-free restroom policy has drawn a boycott. (Do retailers now set our sexual mores?)

A U.S. mail carrier admitted stealing over $400,000 in tax refund checks. (Hmn … Did he steal from the government or from the taxpayers?)

Kansas and Delaware have reduced poverty instead of expanding welfare. (But reality isn’t politically correct, is it?)

A man entered the women’s restroom after mistaking a woman preceding him for a man. (Or so he said. But how is that a problem, these days?)

China faces way too much bad debt. (All governments are tempted to spend; it’s always other folks’ money.)

China’s president took personal control of its military. (Article) (Uneasy lies the head …)

Is Trump the new Bill Cosby? A new California lawsuit accuses Trump of coercing sex from a 13 year old girl in 1994.

Downside of the War On Drugs (Article) (It’s costly, criminalizes cops, hurts innocents and doesn’t work.)

Airport security waits are increasing significantly, per the New York Times, courtesy of TSA inadequacy.

President Obama’s budget calls for over $17,000 for each new illegal minor?

Turkey’s President Erdogan faked his mandatory college diploma and the writer who published that fact has been found dead. (Prez. Obama has done better; nobody published his facts …)

$5 internet service is being offered by AT&T for any family with one or more members receiving food stamps, per report. (Private utilities now provide charity with your money?)

A high school French teacher (Houston, TX) doesn’t speak French, per report.(But the students will, right?)

Greece is lining up for its next replay of financial collapse.

 The U.S. Treasury has ordered a Puerto Rico bailout from Congress. (With taxpayer’s money.  Who will bail out the taxpayers?) (Puerto Rico has now missed a debt payment.)

Americans must work for less to fit the world economy. (Someone’s finally being honest about that) (At least while leaders oppose U.S. economic superiority)

Brain imaging: Progress? What will come if babies’ brain images suggest criminal tendencies?

Chicago: So much corruption that it is supporting tours….

Some athletes are reportedly using marijuana to “improve their training.”  (Well, we believe that they’re using it …)

China: Leaning on its financial writers and pundits; these are bullish times (or else). (Yeah … just like the U.S.)

Turkey: A massive brawl in Parliament followed President Erdogan’s push for a constitutional amendment to strip members of their legal immunity.(It must annoy a president when he can’t arrest opposition members.)

The war on cash: The ECB has ended production of 500 Euro paper money. (Will they try for the U.S. $100?)

Los Angeles awaits the big one … Expert expects San Andreas fault quake soon.

The ‘Recovery’ somehow doesn’t need the 292 locomotives sidelined in the Southwest …

Brazil update: The impeachment follies dance to the corruption waltz.

The Economy: KFC opened a new restaurant in Shanghai, one operated by robots. (We note that humans are needed only as consumers of the Colonel’s fried chicken … and that ironically, this has appeared in China, an ominous signal, seems to us.)

The Economy: 300 hours training are required in Tennessee if you want a job shampooing hair. (Government stimulates the economy.)

Robot spiders and cockroaches (believe it or not) are arriving. (If this worries you, best bug out!)

The U.S. Justice Department will  stop using “felon” and “convict” as it finds the terms disparaging.

The “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” (TTIP) is now opposed in Europe and the U.S. by those against handing sovereign power to unaccountable international bodies. (But governments love it.)

Legally blind patients will use eyeglasses with an earpiece that reads print to them and can recognize faces, a development of new research.

Poverty growth in America: The wages share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has shrunken for 46 years (Bet you haven’t seen that on the news.)

An U.S. economic slowing is apparent in corporate tax receipts, per report.

The U.S. since 2014, has added 450,000 waiters and bartenders , no manufacturing workers, per report

Political obstacles interfere with attempts to keep up with electric power supply. (Gove. Stimulating the economy …)

The International Monetary Fund   (IMF) told Germany to allow Greek debt relief or else. (The Germans lost WWII; why should Greeks have to work?)

Und das ist alles .

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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