Galileo, Global Warming and Economics


Galileo and the Pope

Some 20 attorneys general of various states (All Democrats) have launched a ‘climate fraud’ investigation of Exxon in response to its denial of current global warming doctrine. The AGs wish to criminalize such disagreement with political goals.Sufficient evidence we suppose that the true subject ks not climate science, it is rather climate politics.

Shades of Pope Urban VIII and Galileo, right? Approved beliefs have to trump upsetting facts. Threats to the political status quo must be quashed. Given that as the pervasive government attitude in most places in most times, humanity’s evident progress seems quite a run of luck, until one contemplates the thousands of years required.

That is the history of the physical sciences; the inquiries into human behavior e.g. economics, are even more problematical. Most economists these days exist on the government, it seems to us. Directly and indirectly. Therefore their work serves those interests, one cogent reason that none of them have ever predicted our various economic collapses, Nor are they predicting any such now  The party line is an expanding and sage economy.

The remnant of pre-Keynesian economist warn of impending calamity but few heed such inhabitants of the margin;. If interested, you may decide for yourself:

Politicians and their tame economists fear the loss of U.S. production, leaving America with only a service economy. We no longer make much, so we must get by on selling each other haircuts and fast food. This makes saving money evil; money saved isn’t being earned by others, putting them out of work. Spending keeps the economy in operation. Savers are now villains. The New Economic Faith. If you believe it. In case you don’t, your politicians are legislating it into laws.

During the Great Depression, this was derided as “spend yourself rich.” Folk were a bit more realistic then, perhaps. But it is now accepted doctrine. It excuses government sucking huge amounts of wealth from the economy to be spent in furtherance of the idea. Never mind that it is a circular fantasy, only restoring to the economy money first sucked from it. Never mind that inefficient spending and waste pursuing political goals must be far less productive than leaving the money in the economy to pursue economic goals.

Some wonder how they will be better off with the government taking and spending their money while so arranging things that they must spend every bit of their earnings to get by. Well, of course they won’t be better off. Just as the climate isnn’t changing via man-made carbon dioxide and such.

That is why the attorneys general are trying to criminalize climate change denial and equally, why those few economists who point to the emperor’s nakedness are marginalized. Along those lines, a writer who publicized his recent discovery that the President of Turkey had faked his college degree was just found dead.





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