Half of Us See the System As Rigged …

RiggedPoll: Half of Americans think that the presidential nomination system is rigged. Well, given human history plus our observations of human nature, abetted by the existence of only two political parties dividing up the political soils over so lengthy a period, we suppose so. At least, we can’t think of a more likely explanation.

So, admittedly starting out cynical, what at this point, are we to think of Messers Sanders and Trump?Frankly, not much. Unfortunately.

To us, Senator Sanders is an insider perpetuating himself as the fabricated opposition Hillary Clinton needs to legitimize her anointing as the Democrat’s titular candidate. The Democrats set up their proposed champ with a palooka expected to take a dive for her. A sham candidate. The Republicans, lacking an anointed savior, set up a handful of various losers to knock over on their way to anointing another Bush. Same old, right?

But it hasn’t worked out that way. Stuffed dummy Bernie turned out to appeal to the voters and The Donald added himself to the GOP tourney, apparently uninvited. Both have arouse more enthusiasm than the “legitimate’ candidates. Seemingly, the voters aren’t falling into their assigned line per party orders. Given the sleazy economy in which said voters are forced to exist, courtesy of those same political leaders, the current ah, political angst, seems unremarkable. Predictable, even.

So, are Senator Sanders and/or Mr. Trump th political outsiders that they pretend to be?Senator Sanders is a long time political careerist, lately abandoning hs party to raise his shield as an avowed socialist. You can’t be more insider than a career Senator, can you? Mr. Trump is a big time real estate deal maker, a TV personality, an (Currently) ex Democrat and apparently on a first name basis with all the players and most of the other billionaires. Retired Congressman Ron Paul has called him the “ultimate insider.” We respect Ron Paul’s opinion in such things.

Both men are spouting nonsense for their appeals; neither offers reality. Mr. Trump offers a Mexican border fence but has agreed that the millions of illegals now living here should have some have some path to citizenship. Which side of his mouth can be depended upon? He will return all of America’s emigrant factories somehow as well. And Senator Sanders will give away free to voters goodies well beyond any ability to pay for them. Both are no more than snake oil salesfolk. Both are popular mostly of whom they are not rather than of whom they are. And neither can deliver their promises without an unlikely turnover in Congress.

It seems increasingly to us that there are no political outsiders running at all. We are being hoodwinked by illusion designed for that purpose. The kingmakers are aware that their heretofore tools have worn out their welcomes, aren’t they? So they hand us timely replacements that will appease u but not threaten them or their interests. Same old, once more. The cooperative media help, as they do in most things. How much news have we seen since the primaries popped up? Other than election news, we mean.

It isn’t just the primaries that are rigged, these days, seems to us. Just too much money and power at stake, after all.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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