Can A Real Revolution Arise Of Revolting Politicians?

'And exactly where did you find the 'antique salami slicer'?'

‘And exactly where did you find the ‘antique salami slicer’?’

There are ordinary and extraordinary revolutions. The ordinary ones replace rulers with different rulers, leaving most else unchanged. Such may be bloody or not, recalling that elections are one of the means for overthrowing rulers.

Some revolutions though, are special. Nothing is ever the same after them. They change the world, as exemplifies in the histories of North America, France and Russia. .

Some see the Trump/Sandes phenomena as a voter revolution because it features voters turning against their own political establishments. That is a political revolt, sure enough. We doubt that it is a world-changing revolution though; it seems to us merely recognition that what has been promised by politicians is something other than what is being delivered.

Noting that only the presidential slates are disputed by voters seems a clue. Congressmen are largely untouched by the angst. It seems not to run deep. Yet, anyway. The voters are making a point, not throwing the bums out. That is reinforced in noting that no one, not even Ted Cruz, the avowed conservative, is advocating specifics of concrete, serious change to the major policies of the last few decades. Parsing the programs of any of them leave overspending, military adventures and government funded goodies in varying and mostly unspecified degrees. A painless revolution …

But revolutions are never painless and those that go beyond the status quo into massive change are historically distinguished by enormous pain in that process. Indeed, they normally cannot proceed until the pain reaches such a pitch that people will yield up what has been normal for them in hope of improvement, an improvement likely to be unrealized until the next generation. That presumes a lot of desperation.

Until then, any revolutions are likely to remain but a change in leaders’ names. As it seems to us that all of the current U.S. presidential candidates are cut from pretty much the same political cloth and rely upon the same set of resources, we propose this for discussion:

RESOLVED: That the election of any presently likely presidential candidate will provide little change in subsequent United States policy.

Certainly there will be some differences; Democrats support unions more than do Republicans for just one instance. But while the GOP does less for them, the unchanged degeneration of public schools evidences that the Republican anti-unionism is as much talk as action, if not more so. The two play good cop – bad cop with each other to bewilder voters. Or so it seems to us …

One result is that we appear committed to a path increasingly unpopular with growing numbers of voters on both sides. But those are not complaining of the direction we have taken; only that their rewards are insufficient. And neither Trump nor Sanders are revolutionary. Both promise more of the same when you parse it, Sanders overtly as an avowed Socialist. Any significant revolution going beyond who leads seems a ways off …

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