What Doesn’t Matter This Week …

ChangeFor those impacted by U.S. news sources, rather little is important so far this week. Primus: The awfulness of Trump. Secundus: The (Ineffectual) superiority of Sanders. After those, the inevitability (sans enthusiasm) of Hillary. Yeah …

Things unimportant include:

1. The President of Brazil is being impeached. So far, at least.

2. Russia is still grabbing Eastern Ukraine.

3. Spain’s most successful 20% is teetering on secession. (Catalonia)

4. Venezuela’s electric lights are going out as its socialist paradise collapses.

5. The Saudi government tie to 9/11 is threatening to leak.

5. Pacific Rim of Fire earthquakes are replicating the pattern that preceded the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. (Sort of, anyway.)

6. Most of Europe and North America is crumbling under unsustainable debt undertaken to bribe voters with social goodies for which the available resources are insufficient.

Never mind; Trump is awful, Zika is coming, Hillary is blah, the black folk are victims, we owe the wetbacks jobs, somebody owes us at least $15 hr (Never mind where they will obtain it.)

Why do we assume that, no matter whom is elected U.S. President, matters are likely to proceed much as they have??   Possibly because it appears that, regardless of whom is elected president, the folk about to be reelected to Congress appear likely to remain the same as at present? Plus ca change’ …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to What Doesn’t Matter This Week …

  1. Jim Teague says:

    You forgot to mention the that objecting to the opposite sex undressing and showering in front of your daughters and sons in middle school or high school makes you a hateful bigot every day in all major newspapers and many US corporations. Biology deniers now have a strangle hold in government places and social media. You would think that millions of confused teens are being harassed every day. I’d never notice in a men’s restroom unless the person blatantly advertised their sex. A woman doesn’t have the equipment to use the troughs or urinals so she will have to do her business in a closed stall. I think I would notice if someone male or female tried to get a view at the urinal. I’ve not heard of any cameras over or under a men’s stall yet like has happened frequently here in LA with women’s stalls.

    Open showers and locker rooms are another story. No one who supports this non-science has a right to complain about sexual harassment or abuse. Unless personal privacy is protected this trend must be fought school board by school board, election by election court case by court case before the shower room abuse gets to be like Penn State level again.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, I chickened out on that. Couldn’t describe it in one sentence. There seems a substantial cultural element too; it’s notable that young athletes of any gender share dressing rooms casually in Europe; so do show people. And a lot of public restrooms there are unisex, albeit with more private toilet stalls than we are used to.

      Someone was quoted recently that they didn’t want a man sharing their little girl’s restroom, which seems a reasonable concern. Add little boys, too. However, that takes the subject to a new level.

      And you may fairly assume that on some subjects, I am a proud bigot …

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