The Vampires of War Aim At Hard Times …

militaryspendingWe don’t recall the United States defending itself against military attack since December 7th 1941, when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. That’s 75 years now. It seems odd that we still speak of our “Defense Department” at the Pentagon. In honesty, we should return to the older title: “War Department.” All the wars, mini-wars and mico-wars since Pearl Harbor have been U.S. attacks on others, in other places as we see things.

That sort of “Be reasonable; do it my way so that I don’t have to kill you” foreign policy is expensive. The United States spends more on its military than the next nine big spenders put together.

A lot of us are at least vaguely aware that the U.S. has been borrowing trainloads of money to spend on social goodies for voters and its world-wide military adventures. Spending so much in fact, that one entire generation of taxpayers appear unlikely to repay it. Yet none – not one – of our 2016 presidential candidates seems concerned enough to bring it up. Not even Sanders/Trump. Wanna guess why?

President Eisenhower left office warning us against the “military-industrial complex.” By that, he meant the enormous U.S. military and the equally enormous industry that supports it. Of course, we ignored the President (He was so WWII) and we now borrow to support our whole-world military endeavors. Of course, we can’t afford that, bu the politicians receive support from the industry, the wars only kill invisible foreigners and all the jobs pay well. A win-win, unless one is one of those foreigners.

Uncomfortable numbers of some of them are leaving home to roost in Europe especially and increasingly, the U.S, too. Some folks are beginning to notice …

And the world economy is slowing, from China, through Germany to the United States. Slowing economies impact voters, strengthening politicians to reduce military spending as it is always a big target in hard times. Prez. Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex knows that; it is taking preemptive action as it usually does.

Russia is now being built into the needed Frankenstein to justify military spending and minimize any cuts. It is all fake. Russia had to put its Ukraine invasion on hold in order to send nominal forces to Syria and it is already removing many of them. From a U.S. viewpoint, a tissue paper tiger. China is strengthening, spending more than Russia, but other than Tibet, you see little international adventuring so far. Later, maybe. Neither are up to invading North America. Both could be deterred with a lot less U.S. spending. So the propaganda mills are starting up to scare us as they have done since Eisenhower’s warning.

The  propaganda distracts us from our declining economy too, and from the politicians responsible. It’s the same ploy in play by President Putin in Russia and by China in the South China Sea. Of course, they can’t afford it either. But governments admit no reality; they keep on until they fail. After all, those failures are paid for by citizens, not politicians.

Watch the fear buildup …



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