Colorado’s GOP Shows Voters Who’s Boss

Eternal VigilanceRepublican leaders canceled the presidential vote at their 2016 caucus in favor of simply awarding Colorado delegates themselves, never mind the voters. The move threw some light on the earlier statement by a Republican leader that “We choose the candidates, not the voters.”  And that in turn helps illuminate the ongoing popularity of Donald Trump with Republican and even some Democratic voters.

The question must arise: When your ‘followers’ are repudiating your selections in disgust, is that a good time to force your unwanted preference down their throats? Apparently, we will see. The Colorado GOP appears to have simply ignored the state’s Republican voters in selecting the state’s delegates to the GOP National convention, thereby ignoring Donald Trump. The most remarkable aspect of the move seems to be how little news value has been seen in what has so far, been a non-event.

Such goings-on have a tendency to fester and return later, prominently advertised then by their rotting odor. Political overreach, in other words. We will see.

Til now, the sacred right of “the People” to select their rulers has been carefully maintained in public. Repudiating it requires obsoleting the Founders and a lot of relevant history; it has not been undertaken publicly. Now it is in plain sight in Colorado. Well,  not so plain, maybe. But not hidden.

Perhaps it is a test; if it flies without much public reaction, further power grabs by the ruling elite will manifest. Otherwise, in the case of an outraged uproar, devotion to democratic voting will be reinforced. (Until next time)

Readers likely recall famous words: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Perhaps that deserves a bit more thought than we have been giving it?



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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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