GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannBits of the week that seemed interesting, amusing, predictive or just awful …

If Trump wins, we will incite riots everywhere”: Black Lives Matter activist.

Air France stewardesses are refusing an order to wear headscarves in Tehran.

Ted Cruz has reportedly sealed his and his mother’s records similarly to Barack Obama. Why?

Brazil isn’t selling a lot of Olympic tickets, per report.

U.S. drones exceed 400,000 and it’s starting to scare the Pentagon. (And those are the ones signed up legally, right?)

The Climate: Never before seen Spring snowfall in Caribbean islands. (Somewhere, Somebody has a sense of humor.)

Panama Papers: The rich, powerful and/or criminal of many nations were all found hiding from taxes illegally in Panamanian attorneys’ offices.  How did it happen?  Is the U.K. Prime Minister next to fall? (Cyber warfare is real.)

The Climate: 17 Attorneys General are organizing to prosecute challengers of the doctrine of human caused global warming. All are Democrats but for one independent. (Will they also bring back burning violators at the stake?)

Anger in Japan: The Bank of Japan is destroying the market’s ability to function. (Isn’t that the purpose of central banks?)

Students who can write outperform those who can only type. (Study)

A kangaroo court was convened extra legally by a Missouri judge to intimidate parents home schooling their children.(Parents make kids for the state.)

The Culture: A wife fed her husband to a dog.

California raided the home of an anti-abortion stealth filmmaker. (Burn him with the climate deniers …)

Study: Women who prefer smarter males show less interest in science, math and other male dominant fields. ((Oops!)

Global military spending is increasing for the first time in 5 years (Led by the U.S, then China).

McDonald’s Responds to the $15 minimum wage: $0, minimum wage self service.

The Culture: A 23 yr old woman threw an 85 yr old man to the ground and stole his $30 winning lottery ticket. (Feminist triumph~)

The United Nations is pursuing control of the oceans and of their resources. (Winners and losers, line up …)

The Climate: “The biggest scientific fraud in history.” (Inconvenient reality)

The Culture: Mom, son enjoy sex, plan marriage, hope for offspring. (Now we understand the meaning of old Westerns westerns ending with the cowboy riding into the sunset with his horse …)

Chicago: 3 dead, 12 wounded in Thursday shootings.

Japan will test using fingerprints to replace cash and credit cards this summer. (Government surveillance and control of all financial transactions)

The Climate: California’s carbon tax raises the gasoline price 11 cents per gallon and diesel, 13 cents.(And accomplishes nothing re atmospheric carbon.)

TSA airport struggles: The long lines of summer. (Government Service)

Self- driving cars  are dangerous, per experts. (As bad as thoses driven by people?)

Biologically based drugs (“biosimilars”) are finally receiving FDA approval for U.S. use. (This is a BIIG deal!)

The Great Depression: How it compares to our new one. (Article for those interested).

A naked man was arrested walking the northbound lane of Wisconsin Highway 44 after he tried to pull a woman from her vehicle.

And that’s about all that we could stand for now …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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