GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannThe latest resume’ of the human condition:

The Culture: Marauding parents s in an Easter Egg hunt rampage: Out-of-control adults pushed children to the ground, stole their buckets and left one four-year-old ‘bloody’ at a chaotic free event.

Syrian rebels backed by the CIA are fighting rebels backed by the Pentagon. (Just like Washington D.C.)

California legislators reached a deal to push a $15 an hour state minimum wage, up from $10. The goal will be reached over 4 years. (To be paid for by the rich, right?)

U.S. civil unrest is predicted by growing numbers of pundits. Here’s one. (Note that he ignores deliberate organizing by Lefty political money such as “Black Lives Matter” and this summer’s coming George Soros et al ‘demonstrations,’)

 Trump Rally Protestors: Recruited from Craig’sList, transported and paid $15 hr. per report.

The world trade decline continues, largely ignored. (A Chinese dragon: Ignore him; maybe he will go away.)

The Chinese government writhes in the grip of economic reality, (learning nothing from the Fed). (Backstage, a civil clampdown is being prepared.)

Is Turkey’s boss pushing too close to the edge? (Erdogan opponents hinting he’s nuts …)

The Japanese Finance Minister recalled how the U.S. ended its Great Depression: War. Strong U.S. economic interests thrive on war, suffer without it.  (Somebody shut him up!)

A hooker caught by a drone camera pleaded guilty.  (First, a hooker; next, us?)

Japan: Elderly turn to crime to survive. China’s big money is fleeing to the U.S. (OK, but what can Americans do?)

Banks at risk in the next financial crisis will seize your deposits under the Dodd Frank law. (Report) (Only above $100k)

Puerto Rico lost its attempt to shift is excessive debt to Walmart in court. (Next, the U.S. taxpayers, who lack Walmart’s lawyers?

Study: Men in the U.S. illegally are more likely to work than those born here. And will work for less.

The Economist: Hillary can’t win and we are seeing the end of planned economies … (Bets?)

A top German journalist admitted that mainstream media are just propaganda. (Now, how will he make a living?)

Feds to fine schools for not following Mrs. Obama’s lunch rules. Doesn’t the Obama Admin realize those schools are run by Democrats?)

The desperate risks of negative interest rates. (What the Federal Reserve isn’t telling)

Self-driving robots are delivering groceries in Britain; plan to come to U.S. (Will they drive on the left?)

The Feds have restarted the program that confiscates and keeps money and property of citizens, including those never charge with crime. (E.g. If you’re caught with too much cash, it must be drug money, so we can confiscate and keep it.) (Yes, really.)

The Culture: Marquette University (Catholic) is firing a professor for backing a student who defended man/woman marriage.

More culture: A group of 6 year old boys slapped, cursed and spit on Philadelphia subway passengers.

North Korea advertises a preemptive nuclear attack on the U.S. while continuing to accept U.S. aid. (Did they ask Iran how to do that?)

The ‘World’s Largest Green Energy Company’ faces bankruptcy (Never mind all those taxpayer loans)

Report: One third of U.S. households now can’t cover food, rent and transportation out of income. (No worries; they’re making do with other taxpayers’ incomes.)

Syria: Russia’s announced withdrawal is not showing up on the battlefield; some see it as a negotiating ploy in the ‘peace’ parleying.

Aborted babies and parts sales under Congressional investigation are stonewalled; will Congress get serious?

The GOP launched a contested convention website. (But if the voters want Trump, they’ll get Trump, right?)

The elderly population is about to exceed the number of children for the first time in human history.

Report: Inflation is here and the Fed wants more. (Duh!)

8,000 to be laid off at Boeing this year.  (Recovery bulletin …)

New York State has a deal to follow California toward $15 hr. minimum wage.

A mother was charged with neglect for her daughters walking some 3 miles to school after missing the bus.

Russia is doubling its nuclear arsenal in violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. (Well, if Iran can do it …)

NATO, not just Russia, is raising the bellicosity in Europe.

The Culture: Bikini clad women beat, injured a victim on the beach.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was caught by Wikileaks gaming the world financial system.

A legal drone surveying rooftop gutters was shot down by a concerned but uninformed neighbor.

‘Bikers for Trump’ are headed toward the candidate’s Wisconsin rallies to prevent interruptions by protesters.

Heavy fighting began between Armenia and Azerbaijan. (The major media are on it, right?)

Canada ‘s new Lefty administration has leaped into borrowing/spending from the previous restraint. (It has never worked anywhere, but this time is different, right?)

Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation at the State Department has stopped. (See no evil …)

And so went the week …


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