HasTrump Aborted Himself?

TrumpicideWell, it seems that we are about to find out. Trump bragged recently that his supporters would overlook whatever he did in order not to elect an establishment figure. Had he limited his free pass to ordinary murder, he may have been correct. But he chose instead to opine that mothers who killed their nascent babies (i.e. abortions) should be punished. The sort o event that makes him dead right. Right because anyone violating law or just committing murder deserves punishment; dead because abortion of inconvenient babies is a major appeal of the political Left. Therefore, no law and so no punishment obtains. Trump was suckered and fell for it.

Trumps’ ill-considered statement will be continuously exploited until he has been washed from contention by fading polls among women. Unless of course, enough women decline to be stampeded into anti-Trumpishness over the issue.. That will fulfill his brag. It will prove that what he says or does is immaterial; what matters is that the Establishment cannot give him orders with confidence.

We know nothing, of course.But expecting that the ‘news media’ will dwell upon his “”women … should be punished” statement until it has become part of political wallpaper, we suppose that the Trumpian polls will decline. That is certainly intended. The Donald will have committed Trumpicide by mouth, a not entirely inappropriate end.

Unless his supporters are using him as cynically as he has used them and so stay behind him until he does or does not become President.

Mr. Trump tripped himself at CNN; ever his bete noir. He should have known better. He was suckered. And he was sufficiently a sucker to fall for it. Not very Presidential. Notably honest though; we suppose that these days, honesty isn’t very presidential either.

As a corollary, we surmise that without Trump, Ted Cruz will become a target too; to be removed in favor of some establishment apparatchik at the convention. The question hat matters is: Will the GOP voters stand for it? Or will the GOP lose its ‘mandate of heaven’ under those circumstances? We have no idea. But we very much fear that the ball is in play …The various players may win or lose; the country, seems to us, can only lose/



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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