Toto, Are Americans Still in Kansas?


The Wizard of Washington

We heard from the ‘news media’ a few days ago that the Russians were pulling out of Syria. More recently, we have heard of Russian air support forwarding the gains now being reaped by the Assad forces there. And simultaneously, we have not heard that fighting in Ukraine has heated up, though that appears to be the case. The Russian invasion there slowed as troops went to Syria.

A pundit headline was: “When will they assassinate Trump?” The writer said that, if the GOP establishment cannot rig the convention to exclude Trump, he will be killed. He is perceived as a threat to their positions. The question for voters seems to be: If Trump is elected, will things change, or will only the names of those on top? The present security of Congressfolk currently defending their seats suggests the latter. Real change needs not only a new President, but a horde of new Congressfolk.

According to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellin now, restoring the market cost of money is still too dangerous to contemplate. Never mind that history, (not politicians) says that screwing around with the market cost of money is terminal. Since it is the taxpayers, not the politicians, who pay the final cost, that doesn’t matter. At least, if you’re a politician.

We wonder what, if any difference it will make if Trump wins office. He and any others, will be stuck with the same Congress. Just like Obama. And yes, Prez Obama has used his executive orders, but Congress, while objecting vocally, has not only allowed but funded then in fact.(Very quietly, with spending bills.) Note that the media has ah, ‘overlooked’ that.

Brazil’s Prez is being impeached as the Olympics looms in Rio de Janeiro. For alleged corruption.

China expects continued if slower, economic growth, though it plans millions of layoffs and is clamping down on demonstrations. And billions of private wealth are fleeing the country for the U.S. Hmmnn … what could that signify?

Prez Obama is increasing U.S. military investment in both Afghanistan and Iraq, per report, reprising President Bush policy he opposed when he ran for his job. Does that mean anything?

And in closing, no one is explaining how anything that they advocate will be financed. Including “businessman” Donald Trump.

What do you suppose that it all means?


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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