Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur current gatherings, displayed for our edification, amusement, amazement or whatever:

China: Unemployment settling in as layoffs proliferate.

Jordan’s U.S. funded border wall will exclude unwanted migrants and terrorists.  (U.S. taxpayers protect Jordan’s border but not their own?)

European Union: Germany and other E.U. members are facing growing demands for U.K. style referendums on their Euro membership. (The glue seems to be coming unstuck.)

American world leadership of industrialization reversed, America now leads deindustrialization. The post-industrial  era still produces but no longer with massed labor.(So what happens when there are too many laborers?)

Barack Obama said in 2006 that illegal immigration hurt blue collar workers and strained welfare.(He was correct …)

A real inflation report  versus the government’s (adjusted) propaganda tool …

Anti-Trump riots, organized, funded, big time political theater by the Lefties that gave us Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson and Baltimore are scheduled for next month.

China and the U.S. Federal Reserve  conspire together? (It isn’t only business that has gone international,)

The War on Cash: Greece ordered banks to record personal data of anyone ‘hoarding cash.’

Unwanted honesty on Congressional spending irrespective of party propaganda.(For the interested)

A California girl, 6, is to be taken from her white, lifelong foster parents because she is 1.5% Indian. (Isn’t racism supposed to be in disfavor in California?)

Russia: New statistics show sharp growth in the numbers of Russians living in poverty.

Mystery political donations to presidential super pacs: A face of corruption.

Europe’s refugee ‘crisis’ provides some a road to power? (Another crisis not wasted …)

The states created the Federal government – not the other way around.”(Hmnn … Frankenstates?)

Will it be car loans this time? (In 2008, it was real estate …)

California’s pensions are underfunded $175 B  and it can’t hide that anymore.

A man stole a BMW after trying to buy it with his food stamp card.

A federal court rebuked the IRS for Tea Party targeting and demanded release of a secret list.

The sea level of the Atlantic seaboard has been falling for 6 years per report.

Puerto Rico seeks bankruptcy at the Supreme Court. (The Alabama –sized territory has borrowed more than 48 states and can’t repay.)

Turkish media  are falling into line as two opposition journalists face life in prison.

Lefty thugs, Soros-financed, plan attacks on civil order this summer.

The California drought  persists – sort of, or not really?

Report: Belief in God requires suppression of analytical area of brain? (How about belief in global warming? Or belief in this report? Or belief in Atheism?)

A PA woman who posed as a lawyer for 10 years was becoming a partner at a law firm when discovered. (Is she a genius or are lawyers a tad less than swift?)

An American Airlines pilot was arrested after failing a breathalyzer test.(Just before taking off.)

A double amputee was forced to crawl aboard a Ryanair flight. A Florida girl. 12. Was handcuffed, arrested, charged, mugged and will do community service for sexual harassment after pinching a boy’s butt. (We inhabit an asylum?)

The Culture: 9 people were arrested for murder when a fight between 2 high school girls became a street brawl with baseball bats and knives, resulting in the death of a teen.

A couple having sex in a parked car with the engine running were found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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