How Much Will A New U.S. President Matter, Anyway?

Trump1On the ‘news,’ Democrats are anti-Trump, though not anti considerable Trump policy. Republicans are anti-Trump too. The entire political propaganda machine seems anti-Trump. Only lots of fed up voters of both persuasions appear to support Trump. Millions are evidently being spent to Prevent Trump. No doubt the recent brouhaha in Chicago presages more Soros-bought incivility evolving into violence to raise the anti-Trump to the next level.Occupy Wall Street failed, the Ferguson shooting failed, Black Lives Matter hasn’t inflamed enough; maybe Trump can be used to spark a conflagration. For which if it occurs, Trump will be blamed, not the organized and well funded thugs whose work it will be. You can pull off such if you own the reporters.

Massive, widespread violence will justify government crackdown, likely the primary goal though of course, it’s a guess. People are hitting the streets regularly around the world, even in China, though circumspectly. Europe is full of protest inversely to the economic conditions. It is a world-wide phenomenon now.

It makes sense in a way. The West has abandoned Christian behavior for ill-mannered greed; the Islamic world has largely given up Mohammed’s strict behavior for more modern ideas as the resulting fundamentalist blood-letting reaction attests. Societies everywhere are split across unbridgeable divides. The common result: the societies are ungovernable.

Everywhere, governments are forced to bribe the citizens with government-supplied goodies resting upon unsustainable levels of debt because those citizens will not be satisfied with less. Everywhere the people are watching declining living standards, increasing violence and decreasing prospects. Trump is but an American instance of that.

China plans to lay off some 40 million government workers; Brazil is impeaching its president, Venezuela is the new Weimar Republic. Russian GDP is shrinking along with others. So what does it all add up to?

Well, we don’t know. But it seems to us, that most everyone nearly everywhere is dumping their civil principles while a greedy self-interest replaces them. And culture is replaced with crude, unpleasant behavior and corruption permeates human affairs. The world wide body politic reminds us of a bunch of four-year-olds in varying degrees of a tantrum.

Perhaps we must destroy our varied and competitive cultures before we can form a larger, more homogenous one, a society more suited to operating a world-wode economy. Or perhaps we resemble the old idea of throwing a bunch of disagreeing folk into a room and then putting whoever remains standing in charge. Your guess.

But we know one thing: The world wide scope of current events and especially of financial chaos leaves us wondering how much the present U.S. presidential campaign can really matter to any but the players who will gain or lose their contests.  With Democrats and Republicans and big donors all mostly in lockstep and unable to slow the flow of decline, the selection of one President doesn’t seem very likely to alter the flow of world events.

If we are going over the falls, does it really matter who wears the Captain’s hat?  We note that reports suggest that most Congressional incumbents are though likely to win reelection easily. Even if we replace the captain, we appear to be retaining most of the crew. We suspect that the ship is likely to stay on its present course until it hits the rocks.

We need to improve our outlook, right?



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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