GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur scrapings off the week’s accumulations of human (and subhuman) occurrences.

President Obama wants electronic communication open to government inspection. (He can have secres, but we can’t?)

Brazil: Anti-government protesters pouring into major cities are a threat to government. (Is Soros funding demos there too?)

Brazil: Presidential impeachment is proceeding; some of the impeachment committee are under Supreme Court investigation.

Syria: Turkey has invaded to attack Kurdish areas near the Turkish border, according to Russia. (Russia and Turkey are both in Syria to tackle ISIS, but that’s not who either are shooting at …)

Democratic billionaire George Soros spent $33 million on the Ferguson and similar riots, per tax records.

China is playing “Let’s Pretend” with its failing debt. (Government decrees replacing markets … it’s never worked anywhere before, but this time is different, isn’t it?)

Meantime, Chinese unemployment clouds over the Mandate of Heaven. Coup rumors?   And China has ordered software to report every citizen’s every move, tweet and purchase.(No worries; what occurs in China, stays in China, right?)

Yale promotes student sex, except when it punishes it. (Now the court must decide.)

U.S. income tax refunds and taxes withheld from wages are lower. (Recovery, what else?)

Some Florida ballots omitted Trump per reports. Some voting locations ran out of GOP ballots. (It ain’t who votes that counts; it’s who counts the votes.)

Something smells around the Waco, TX Twin Peaks restaurant police/biker shootout.

A West Virginia school board president announced that she will home school her children. (Well, she should know!)

Retail sales  fail to support optimism: January revised downward and a small February decline.

The Recovery: Retail store closures are already set to exceed last year’s.

GOP bosses, not voters, choose the nominee per a senior Republican official. (Another unaware Trump supporter …)

Cruz for Trump’s VP: Negotiations underway per report. (Carson rumors, too.)

Culture: A bar’s DJ was charged by police after he played an anti-police song during a police raid  on the overcrowded establishment. (Damn Constitution needs to be politically corrected … )

Venezuela: Socialist paradise will shut down for a week to cope with an electricity crisis. (Will anyone really notice?)

House Republicans replaced Democrats as the new Big Spenders so conservatives are stalling the budget.(No problem; they’ll quietly pass interim spending bills to waste the cash.)

Free diapers are the White House goal for a new $10 million program so far unsupported in Congress. (It must be getting hard to find things that aren’t already given away free at our expense.)

Malware is delivered by ads on websites such as the New York Times, BBC, AOL and numerous others. (In case you haven’t heard.)

The Senate is hung up over interfering with new state laws forcing food labels to identify genetically modified (GMO) contents. (General Mills just volunteered to label its cereal boxes.)

Reported new hiring is disappointing.

Social Security beneficiaries  now depend upon only 2.5 workers each to pay for their goodies.

The Obamafolk have set a new record for failing to find records requested under ‘Freedom of Information’ requests. (The Prez’ version of: “The dog ate my homework?)

Obesity Tool? An enzyme that appears to determine when mice stop eating has been discovered.

U.S. oil exports, restarted 3 months back after 40 years blocked by Congress, are returning slowly to the world oil markets.

Prescription drug prices: Here’s how we’ll be saved by government and insurers. (Solving something by doing more of what caused it?)

Libya: The newest failed state model?

Chicago: 2 dead, 11 wounded overnight.

Lebanon: Trash pickup began again, after 8 weeks. (How did this become news; it can’t even be blamed on Trump …)

Naked in New Mexico with drugs, booze and cops on her tail.

And so went the week …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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