The All Too Visible Future?

fUTUREAs the American railroads moved west, the generalities of the U.S. future were clarified; we cannot know the details of our future but we can extend clear trends. Several seem visible now:

Some examples include:

Driverless cars are to be tested on U.K. roads in 2017.

The Tiny House  and Smart Meters are showing up , the latter extensively.

Sweden has outlawed the use of cash, after a five year adjustment period. The U.S. is pushing the same idea by recommending elimination of the $100 bill  for starters.

Common Core, that in practice puts the Federal government in charge of the public school curriculum nationwide, under the aegis of most Republican as well as Democratic governors, is in effect in most states. The resulting School Standards Struggle aimed at reducing dropouts by rationalizing or dumbing down public schools (Pick one) and ultimately colleges, proceeds.    (Texas  removed algebra II from high school grad requirements recently.)

And  the Justice Department is demanding  that all encrypted communications and data must be open to government at will; a Government Backdoor that Apple and the tech industry is opposing.

What does this say about the future? Nothing, but it suggests that, as a result of these things:

Few will own cars, those will be summoned by phone at need. Millions of idle cars sitting around are a terrible waste of resources and detrimental to the environment. With that, don’t plan on going anywhere unless the government approves.

Living in a few hundred square feet in a tiny house is wonderful adaptation to a U.S. living standard declining to meet the rest of the world. A lot of Asians prove it. And with little place to store things, it will reduce waste and simplify life. Smart meters already being installed will, besides eliminating meter readers, provide utility rationing, shutting off your water, gas or power at will or after you have used ‘too much.’

Eliminating cash will prevent black markets where government pricing is opposed and financially paralyze any who annoy government or banks.

Government control of the national school curriculum will assure that young citizens share the officially approved mindset even more than now.

And a government key to all encryption will assure that none will communicate anything that annoys said government without detection by it.

A pretty obvious future from the nature of present tech, and a “Brave New Word” indeed, seems to us.

Perhaps we’re pessimistic but the technology is in place and the applications are in development as this is written. If we are missing something , kindly explain what it is. We will like that.



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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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  1. dakwolf55 says:

    Reblogged this on Dak's Bays and commented:
    FYI: Even with a cashless society the black market will flourish, probably even more so, currently drug users on food stamps routinely sell their “stamps” (currently a card similar to a debit card) for between $2 and $5 dollars of stamps (in the form of food) for $1 in cash or drugs. A low risk, high reward deal.

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