Syria:Russians Appear and Disappear …

RussiaWhile we are fixated by our ‘news’ media upon the awfulness of Trump, Russia’s President Putin is withdrawing the “main part” of his troops from Syria. Just as ‘peace talks’ are alleged to be underway.

We suppose from that, that the invasion of Ukraine has stalled (no news so we don’t know) and Russia is unwilling to trade Ukraine for salvaging the Assads in Syria. Likely under U.S. pressure too, though that’s a guess. So far though, Mr. Putin has been more realistic in expecting tangible gains for asserting his forces than have others. Or so it seems to us.

It is risky to bet but if Putin is in fact backing away from the Assads and their sponsor Iran, that is indeed significant. It enhances the Saudis, diminishes Iran. And Russia as well. But we should wait a bit to see what the reality may be; in the Middle East, reality is seldom what you see. But if we were among the corrupt Ukrainian establishment, we would be worried.

The Assads have switched from losing to the rebels to winning with Russian air power assistance; we expect the air support to remain in Syria with Iranian manpower replacing the Russian military on the ground. We know nothing, of course. Putin may have scrapped the Assads for all we know. But it seems a bit too soon for that. All that we can say is, it seems that there must be a deal between Russia and the U.S. re Syria. However it goes down, Russia and the U.S. move game pieces and Syrians die or flee with nothing.

Watching governments of all stripes so happy to sell our lives and wellbeing for their purposes, leads us to wonder again why we are so ready to put up with it …



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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