Could World Wide U.S. Drone Assinations Produce Unintended Consequences?

DroneSince 1991’s takedown of New York’s World Trade Towers, only haphazard and comparatively minor Moslem terrorism has occurred in the U.S. The government awards itself and its clampdown on private citizens’s travel and privacy the credit for that. The truth is that Moslem terrorism has always clung to the margins of Islamic places; the 1991 export to New York was nearly unique. The need for a lot of money and numbers of highly competent operatives planning to suicide is limiting. There has been insufficient Moslem presence in North America to support more than mayhem by individual nutcases, in general.

That is changing as political gains from attracting mosques and ‘refugees’ are envisioned in the U.S. and Europe, but the Europeans are far ahead of America in this. They already have the cars burned in the streets, the rapes and muggings commonly associated with underemployed Moslem (and some other) youth. The U.S. is just building up to it. With those in place and enough fundamentalist Moslem mosques preaching Islamicism to unemployed youth, the home-grown religious mayhem may start. The staff will be in place.

In the meantime, the United States seems devoted toward accelerating such domestic attacks so fast and far as it is able. A headline today: U.S. drone strike killed more than 150 trainees at an al Shabab camp in Somalia. Let’s consider that …

Somalia is a poor, failed, Moslem state in Africa. Its massively corrupt government is Drone Strikechallenged on all sides by clans and criminals, also corrupt. The place sits at the bottom of the U.N. rankings for anything positive and at the top of ranking for anything negative. It is worse than Afghanistan. So why is the U.S. antagonizing everyone in sight in that place by assassinating hundreds of locals from the air?

For that matter, why is the U.S. returning to Iraq and Afghanistan, spending money it must borrow to do so? What is to be gained? So far, the result is that that the Afghans are making deals with China and the drug trade while Iraq is becoming an Iranian satellite. Well, and ISIS appeared. Hasn’t America done enough? Given that it is unable to finance its domestic social programs even without the military spendthrifts.

And add this: Even if most Moslem terrorist outfits are too busy, too parochial and/or too impoverished to mount large terror attacks at such distances as the United States, it is still true that the attached publicity, the raison d’etre for terrorism, must appeal. And if a low budget, simple version of 9/11/1991 were available, it must appeal to not only ISIS, and al Qaeda, but also Boko Haram, al Shabab, Abu Sayaf and any number of others hitherto unheard from.

And that appealing weapon exists in many forms, all available but so far unused. For just one, send in a team of two jihadis to steal a car and drive around a city’s downtown while one of them shoots folk on the sidewalks at random. Then they dump the car, travel to another city and repeat until they are caught or killed. That could take a while, if they kept moving. An ideal attack: publicity guaranteed, cheap and easily executed. Plus, the end of one such team would not stop the program, others would fill in locally while the originals were considered to be enjoying their 72 virgins. It seems amazing that such a simple and obvious scheme has only materialized once. But have faith: “What can happen, will happen.” Particularly while Americans circle the world assassinating Moslems from the sky in places where America has no right and little reason to be present.

The Moslem terrorists claim that the U.S. is waging a world wide war on Islam, a propaganda ploy but no hard sell after a local drone strike kills people, inevitably including innocents in the wrong place at the wrong time. Survivors are seldom heard in the West, but frequently in Moslem places, pouring fuel on the fire.

That’s our opinion; any who differ are welcome to express their reasons below. We know little, after all.



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