Voters’ Delegates vs.SUPERDELEGATES (At Party Conventions)

SuperdelegatesAny readers who are U.S. public school grads probably believe that Democratic and Republican voters select the candidates for their respective presidential elections. We call that, voter naivete’. Or public school brainwashing, if one prefers. An illusion, in any case.

Political and business mega-donors put out millions to elect their preferred politicians; do you suppose that they will do so when the result is up to ordinary voters? Right.

Democrats for example, have created: “Superdelegates.” A delegate is one who, elected by local voters at a primary election, is sworn to go to the party’s national convention and vote for the candidate who won the most votes. At least, on the early ballots taken.

In the New Hampshire primary recently, Bernie Sanders won some 60% of the votes; Hillary Clinton came in with some 40% of the votes. As a result, Bernie gained about 25 delegates for the convention while Hillary was left with about 9. Poor Hillary, right?

Well, some of the sharpies among our readers aren’t feeling sorry for Hillary; they know of the “Superdelegates.” A significant number of national convention delegates are not selected by the voters; they are selected instead by party  bigwigs, big donors, etc. And after Bernie won big in New Hampshire, if you added in those “Superdelegates,” then Hillary had over 440 delegates to Bernie’s 50 something. Yeah. Does anyone really think that our present ‘establishment’ will leave power in the hands of voters? C’mon!

The game is too important to be left straight; it is rigged and U.S. voter negligence, encouraged by public education, safeguards the fix. Well, that’s how it seems to us; you are welcome to explain where we are mistaken. As in other instances, we have oversimplified a bit, but the basic facts are as presented,. Follow the link and do your own research.

And let us add that, lest GOP supporters gloat too much, their side is equally culpable in its own way. Most culpable of course, are the news media who fail to convey this game fixing to the public clearly enough to attract its attention. But hey, those media are some of the big donors …

The United States was never a democracy; that has always been snake oil. It was and is a republic, Most know that if they stop and think for a moment. It started ut to be a democratic republic; now it has evolved into a sort of socio-fascist republic. History tends to repeat itself, especially when few are paying attention …



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