GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur current collection on offer:

U.S. backed rebel groups are now fighting each other in Syria. (while Russia is taking over?)

Pharmaceutical drugs show availability and price problems interfering with U.S. hospttals.  (But the report dances around government regulation responsibility.)

The joys of the coming cashless society laid out for you if you’re interested. (Well, it’s nice to know what to expect …) Your smartphone will be replacing credit/debit cards at bank ATM’s. Japanese are buying safes big time as the Bank of Japan’s negative interest rates begin to reduce the bank holdings. (Hard cash may be hoarded again … until governments take it away)

China clamped down on any/all news sources that might consider deviating from the government line reporting on the economy. (Japan already did the same thing.)

Proposed New York City Council legislation aims to provide voting rights to illegal aliens in the city.

Chicago schools are using borrowing to meet pension obligations; the Republican state Governor is threatening to block further borrowing. (The invisible bankruptcies of U.S. cities and counties.)

Immigrants with HIV/STD’s are reportedly now welcome in the USA. (We’re not sure why …)

Chicago (Gun Control Central) has reported double the homicides listed last year and double the shootings too.

An irate passenger asked to stop smoking on the bus, hijacked it in East Harlem.

Canada’s new, Lefty Prime Minister Trudeaux dumped his campaign promises, embracing deficits. (Duh!)

Trump: “As President, I would prosecute Clinton.” (Does that sound as dumb to you as it does to us?)

Ball player Kyrie Irving was sidelined by … bedbugs at his team’s hoteUmmigrationl. Super lice  have been reported in 25 states; these pests resist standard treatments and succumb to a new treatment that costs $170. (Available free from school … the lice, not the treatment.)

School districts are spending millions on ‘white privilege’ training for teachers.  (English and math, not so much, right?)

Twitter claimed its target was trolls, but it proceeded to silence conservatives. (To Lefties, they’re the same thing, right?)

A massive but neglected killer at home in hospitals is recognized and can be dealt with when people pay attention. (Will others notice?)

Foreign central banks grabbed at the latest U.S. Treasury bond auction.  (A herd of insolvents lending each other further into debt?)

Turkey’s complicity with ISIS has leaked to undeniable? (With Turkey, anyone who kills Kurds can’t be all bad, right?)

Scientists have made artificial sperm that has produced healthy baby … mice. (So far.) (Sorry guys, you’re expendable now.)

A U.S. Catholic bioethics center has contradicted Pope Francis re Zika and contraception. (This’l teach ‘em to elect a Jesuit?)

Obamacare  is flattening insurers?  (Maybe socialism and insurance are a poor mix?)

Doctors are protesting Obamacare payments reduction resulting from insurer losses on such coverage. (Reality Sucks!)

A Trump assassination joke appeared in a New York Times column. (Just wishful thinking?)

The U.S. has joined Russia in advertising its willingness to use its nuclear weapons. (Sleep well tonight …)

Global bankers promised to “use all tools” to shore up sagging economic growth. (If THAT doesn’t scare hell out of you …)

Venezuela’s government-owned oil company reportedly faces default on its debt. (Where is Bernie Sanders when socialists need him?)

A naked woman kicked out a police cruiser window after being arrested at a Florida strip club.

And so it went, whether or not we were ready.


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