Does Your Tax Preparer Represent You – Or The Government?

'Dr. Jekyll, how well do you know this Mr. Hyde who prepared your taxes?'

‘Dr. Jekyll, how well do you know this Mr. Hyde who prepared your taxes?’

Per our local newspaper, the IRS is setting out to regulate such commercial tax folks as H. &R. Block and the CPA’s are up in arms over it. Both parties – CPA’s and IRS – seek to persuade you that their only interest is your protection. Right.And the fox hangs around the henhouse to protect the chickens.

We prefer to believe that the CPA’s don’t want commercial preparers to have their expertise certified by government since that would make them appear as qualified as said CPA’s, who would then have trouble charging three times more than the commercial folk for the same work. Call us cynical. We further suppose that the IRS wants to certify commercial preparers so that it can remind them at need that their business depends upon keeping the IRS happy. Rather than ‘protecting’ the taxpayer, this admittedly unflattering view of things shows the taxpayer as a loser. We hasten to suggest that it is the most realistic. You may decide.

We point out as interim consideration that H.&R. Block once prominently advertised preparation of a simple Form 1040 for $5. Today’s price did not result from Block fee increases, but from government policies that made fee increases necessary. So who’s the real villain?

We note with suspicion the government advance into health care, certifying doctors to protect us until now, none can afford healthcare but when an insurance company pays for it. Government has taken us from a standard of kids working their way through college to hordes of kids graduating as indenture servants subject to student loans instead. Great.

And now we have affirmative action graduates in law, medicine etc who lose cases and patients, girls who can’t carry you down a fire ladder from the 10th floor and currently, frightening soldiers who can’t go hand to hand with the enemy because they are girls.  Government certifications have done wonders …

Our Founders established equal rights for us all, they did not assume equal outcomes for all. Our outcomes were suppose d to be up to us. And of course, chance. But it’s pleasing to hear that they were wrong, that we are entitled somehow to enough of other folks’ earnings to solve our basic needs. Never mind that nothing anywhere in the universe works that way but politics. Never mind that ever previous iteration of the theme has failed dismally … this time is somehow, different, right? Sure …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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