GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur newly netted news and nonsense of the week:

Facebook: Accused of censoring users on behalf of government. (We’ve heard that of Twitter, too.)

People over 50 have more debt than in the past. (“Golden years” tarnishing?)

The risk in negative interest rates was pointed out by The Telegraph. Nice to know, with the Fed mulling the idea?)

The war on cash first attack: It has just been voted to eliminate the 500 Euro note, some 30% by value of E.U. circulating cash. Second attack: “It’s time to kill the $100 bill.” (Representing some 78% of U.S. outstanding currency.)

A risible and penetrating rant pictures current “Optional Reality.” (Fun to read)

Student loan deadbeats are being arrested by Federal Marshalls. (Well, if they don’t repay, the taxpayers will often be stuck, right?)

A Florida school bussed students to a Clinton rally. (Given a public school, shouldn’t it have been for Bernie?)

“Media bias” outpolled big money as a political concern. Twitter is reportedly banning conservative tweets. (How about Facebook?)

The zika virus thrives on the EPA ban on DDT?   (Bedbugs too ..?)

The Saudis and Russia agreed to freeze oil output. (See what they do, not what they say …)

A noted Investment advisor is predicting war resulting from financial mismanagement.  (Bet he’ll predict accidents from driving drunk next?)

The FCC is considering approval of a universal set top TV box that would handle all competing program sources, eliminating box rentals. The TV industry is opposed. (Duh!)

China has sent missiles to the South China Sea islands that it has grabbed from neighbors. (For the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and others, that’s like China fortifying Catalina Island.)

Google is now delivering groceries. (For $3 –  $5 with a 2hr. window)

Northwestern U. students are undergoing a weekly “Deconstructing Whiteness” lecture series.

Pope Francis seems to have approved contraceptive use, at least when Zika virus is involved?

Moody’s, the credit rating service, warned of world economic decline. Wal-Mart sees retail doldrums ahead.

The VA is news again, this time for poor conditions in Cincinnati. (Government health care …)

A Spanish civil servant failing to show up at work for six years went unnoticed – with pay.

Warning: Don’t set your iphone back to 1970 as asked by a new scam. (You won’t like the result.)

The FDA found wood fillers in several brands of grated parmesan cheese. (Sold for termites?)

A sneaky change to the controversial Transpacific Trade Partnership treaty goes under the radar. (Aimed at torpedoing Drudge Report et cetera?

John MaCafee has offered to decrypt the San Bernardino evidence iphone free of charge so Apple won’t have to build a ‘backdoor’ into their products.  (Think Big Media will report this?)

The Iraq war seen through other eyes (More like Obama’s pre-election views).Worth consideration …

For history buffs: Ancient Rome’s economic collapse (Read article while considering the Federal Reserve).

A naked man was arrested on a Florida jogging trail. (Well, where else at this time of year?)

And so it  went this week.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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