Will Economic Reality Overwhelm Politicians Anytime Soon?

King CanuteAmerica’s Founders recognized that politicians are predators; that is why they wished to impose the Constitution as a limit upon them. Homo Sapiens is one of few species lacking a top predator to keep it in bounds; it must therefore, perform that job itself. It has, looking at the statistics of WWII and present day Syria, done a creditable job.

The old Romans asked, assuming that we need a government because our human nature demands it, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” as we are fond of pointing out. Which amounts to: “Who will govern the governors?” Put another way, solving human behavior issues by anointing humans to be in charge, amounts to setting the fox to guard the hencoop. One reason that the U.s. Constitution is so difficult to alter.

This is also visible in the dismissal presently accorded the Declaration of Independence in favor of the Constitution. Never mind that without the Declaration, there could have been no Constitution. But the Declaration states plainly that the people have the right to replace any government that they deem no longer represents them. Politicians restive under old King George III liked that; once they had replaced George with themselves, not so much. Now they want the carpet pulled over it.

This alterable mindset among politicians as their positions change is no new thing; it is the primary reason a revolution is usually needed to replace a moribund government. “We should replace the old incompetents” is all very well when we are trying to remove someone else; it seems rather different when we are to be replaced. So, we stock up on guns and ammo as the present U.S. government has done, setting up a network of “internment” camps and suspending due process at need, under various iterations of the National Defense Authorization Act, with for some reason, negligible publicity.

No, we are not inventing the preceding paragraph; it is so. The 2012 version, as we recall. As there has been no believable tendency toward revolution of which we are aware, we have to recall the Biblical admonition regarding the “guilty who flee when no man pursuethe” to account for the enactment of these rather police statish provisions.

Alternatively, our leaders may know  that what is coming will not resemble what they keep telling us to expect. You may decide how you wish to look at it. We look at it as a good time to stash cash under the mattress, or maybe some silver or gold if the present anschluss against cash seems likely to succeed any time soon. Hopefully, in a year or two you will be able to laugh at these concerns and tease us about our need for a tinfoil hat.  Actually, we wouldn’t mind.

The definitive moment as we see things, will occur with a stock market collapse expelling the inflated values presently accorded stocks and the artificially debased values accorded bonds. Politicians using force to impose such distortions are ultimately, seems to us, stretching rubber bands that sooner or later must snap back to reality. The greater the rubber band has been stretched, the more sting it inflicts when it snaps back.

We suspect that desperate measures at the Federal Reserve (necessarily going beyond those of the 2008 Bush Administration) will be forthcoming if the crunch arrives under President Obama. That would cast him as the new Herbert Hoover. What may occur if the crunch awaits his successor, God only knows …

If you have your own scenario prospectus, feel free to present it as a comment. We really don’t know what we are talking about; it’s just opinion at this point …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to Will Economic Reality Overwhelm Politicians Anytime Soon?

  1. Pete says:

    You have written, “We really don’t know what we are talking about; it’s just opinion at this point”, but it takes only common sense and open eyes to see we are indeed heading for a major disruption in the American economy. One can only “print” money for so long before the money becomes worthless. It is a shame those who daily pull us deeper into this mess will not suffer as much as ‘we the people’.

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