Thoughts On Some Current Events …

Mind BlowingSyria – Russia entered to help Hezbollah (Iran) shove dictator Bashar Assad back into power in order to assure that Syria remains an Iranian client. The U.S. has been helping the Syrian Kurds and some non-jihadi rebel groups trying to dump Assad. Now, as a reader predicted, the Turks are shelling the Syrian Kurds. Turks seem to prefer their Kurds dead wherever possible; the U.S. seems to find them helpful against both dictators and jihadis. An argument that will have to be settled. Meantime, the Saudis are about to invade Syria too. We will await with interest the identity of whoever they actually attack. In any case, the U.S. and Russia are on opposite sides in Syria. And while Russia has troops there, the U.S. doesn’t … or at least, can plausibly deny any. Some watchers see a potential for WWIII in this; more do not though the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev is referring to a “new cold war.”

Our reaction: Regardless, the U.S. has no money to pay for this sort of thing, let alone increases in such a scene. But then, neither does Russia. And a nice war might take citizens’ minds off the economic miseries. Meanwhile, dead Syrians will pile up and live ones will continue to inundate Europe. What fun our leaders provide to amuse us …

Supreme Court conservative stalwart Justice Scalia has died at 79 of unspecified causes so natural that no autopsy will be conducted, though no one has said specifically what killed him. Conspiracy oriented folk will play with this unrefuted. President Obama and Congress’ GOP controllers will put on a public shoving match with breathless media accompaniment while the real deal is settled in back, if no longer smoke-filled rooms. The ultimate choice will be described as a ‘conservative’ who in fact, will likely be as conservative as say, Chief Justice Robersts, who approved Obamcare. It will take a while. Meantime, the ongoing fireworks will be entertaining …

One caveat here: As any cases before the Court that end in a 4/4 tie vote will thereby uphold the lower court original decision, it might be informative to investigate those decisions when analyzing reasons for various parties footdragging.

The world depopulating Zika threat will dissolve into other matters in time to populate the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

The ‘refugee’ river into Europe and the flow into the U.S. will continue; the resulting media attention will reflect the interests served. But no one will obstruct the flow.

Government spending will continue to outrun government income until a market collapse freezes everything and wipes out trillions in paper wealth. Then, sooner if possible, the Federal Reserve will try to join the negative interest bandwagon, though there will be opposition from such rational bankers as are left. No, not left; they will be Right … but probably, outnumbered.We hope not, though.

Driverless cars and tiny houses will continue to be pushed but will not arrive; they aren’t very realistic at the moment. (The cars might improve Manhattan, though.)

Finally, we suspect that we have yet to see the Democrat’s ultimate presidential candidate, unless they plan to let the economic collapse occur on Obama’s watch. If so, they may let a current candidate take the whipping. The GOP has now reanimated the dead, moving Jeb Bush from his grave into the top tier, at least for the moment. Miraculous …And their attacks on Trump have been love compared to what’s in store. Only the voters want Trump and the computers will count their votes … And they had best be careful what they vote for.

And that’s how it seems to us, at least tonight!




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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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