Is Libya Obama’s Next Step In America’s Endless War?

LibyaDo we not recall correctly that, when running for President, Barack Obama complained vehemently against his predecessor’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Particularly against Iraq? Did he not promise to stop such things?

Of course, he also promised to close Guantanamo Bay prison and said that we could keep our doctors with Obamacare. “Promise” seems to have acquired a new meaning somehow.

Not only has our President continued military action in Iraq, but he is rebuilding strength there. Afghanistan has fewer U.S. troops than during the election but it too is being reinforced. And plausibly deniable forces are in Syria. Democrat Obama, critic of warmonger Republican Bush, is pursuing the same agenda, from what we see.

Libya is presently festering behind the news. We are not informed of events there, but some think it will be our President’s next war theater. And that as well of any of the other current wanna-be’s trying to be President. If any of them are committed against American’s perpetual wars, we haven’t heard of it. And like the rest of the Middle East, Libya is roiling under the manipulations of numerous external powers added to its own instability.

Libya’s two competing governments have melded into one, albeit one with factions contesting competing agendas plus the meddling of outsiders. Contentious Islamic groups are fighting for influence and ISIS is now moving in, seeking a fall-back position as its present Iraq/Syria heartland is diminishing. Libya has oil that ISIS needs to smuggle onto world markets for revenue.

Even public school grads in America must at some point, note that the decades invested in Iraq and Afghanistan have little to show but wasted money and lives. As much of the money is hidden in debt that present citizens have not been called upon to pay as yet, the impact remains deferred but that deferral is approaching an end. Reality sucks sure enough, but it always arrives eventually, often at inconvenient times.

Historically, powers that have extended their influence too far for too long have gone broke over it, even antedating ancient Rome. Today’s America is no different. The bills are starting to arrive. The wherewithal to pay them is not in sight. No politician, even the bombastic Mr. Trump, is calling attention tho this. But it is reality and does not need their permission. Senator Sanders to the contrary notwithstanding, from the beginning until tomorrow, nothing is ever free.

President Obama is going out; his successors must deal with the always hungry makers of war materiel. But he is young enough to worry about his post-presidential years — we don’t predict what if anything he will do re Libya. But a lot of folks are wondering.



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