GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour news snacks for the past week; select as pleases you:

The Obama Administration ordered that goods originating in Gaza or the West Bank cannot be labeled as made in Israel. (We say nothing made in Washington D.C. should be labeled as American …)

A woman’s body and 2 live monkeys were found in a Florida hotel room.

The California legislature is considering mandating that public restrooms cannot be labeled for single gender use. (Public restrooms about to become more interesting?)

Chicago Report: 80% of police dash cams lack audio as a result of officer tampering. (Uh huh …)

“California’s New Feudalism” details the unexpected direction that the Golden State is leading us all.

Uber drivers are planning a New York strike after a fare cut.

Hillary supporters endorsed Karl Marx for Vice President? (Probably public school grads , such might do the same for Trump.)

Poll: 91% of Americans aren’t worried about global warming. (Maybe they should worry about their money spent on it?)

A company is developing tech ink tattoos that will track and report your health and finances for up to a year. (If it work out, they’ll replace birth certificates, betcha.)

Chicago: 51 homicides in January.

An Iowa town’s meatpackers replaced Americans with foreign labor. (Thing to do these days ..)

A civilian pulled over a Miami cop for speeding. The police union was unhappy …

Wall Street is spending on Republicans and Democrats. Top Donors split between Cruz and Rubio. (No Trump?)

British Scientists have ok to modify human embryos. (People as lab rats?)

A genetic discrimination suit followed a child’s expulsion from school over his DNA. (Really!)

New tech  (TVs with microphones, cars connected to the internet) give government ample tracking of everybody.)

Thomas Sowell making simple, timely economic sense in few words. If such appeals to you.)

Fluorescent lighting is being dropped from GE’s line; new halogen incandescents and LED’s will remain. (Hmnn … What’ll we do about all our old fluorescent lighting fixtures?)

Repercussions of cheap oil. If you’re interested)

Homeland Security plans to cut border monitoring by 50%. Sanctuary cities top 300 with Dallas and Philadelphia added. (Y’all Come)

UBS stock is dropping as rich investors/depositors withdraw money from banks.

Japan, having switched to negative interest rates, canceled its pending 10 year bond sale. (Who buys bonds that require indefinite payments from you?)

The world‘s next decade, predicted by a leading research firm. (If you’re interested)

An employer must pay an employee $115,000 for refusing to allow him to use the ladies’ room after he said that he felt like a woman and came to work in female garb. (We have no suitable comment)

Raising kids, then and now: 4 Graphs that explain a lot! Men/(Women compared in graphs. (Shining light on our hanging society.)

U.S. Food Waste continues to be extraordinary. U.S. cars: 845/1,000 people, a waste of resources? . “Sell by” Dates produce waste too.

St. Cloud homeowners are finding catfish in their mailboxes …

The Border Patrol lets illegals free.  (The Prez swore to enforce some laws?)

Citibank economists said that the “world is trapped in an economic death spiral.” (Duh!)

U.S. exports declined in December for the first time since the 2008 recession.

U.S. employment reporting seems increasingly to refer to somewhere else, maybe Mars? Reaction by the Washington Examiner.

Carnival proceeds in Brazil, as celebrants shed their worries along with their clothes.

An 8 year old Florida boy  tried to rob a grocery cashier with his mothers’ loaded gun. (This calls for gun control – by mom!)

American citizenship was renounced by record numbers of taxpayers in 2015. (You guess why)

The E.U.’s highest court is deciding whether hyperlinks to copyrighted material are legal. Trying to shut down internet news sources that inform too many people …)

Ethanol ‘s failure to deliver promised improvements as a gasoline additive are being recognized? (We’ll wait for Congress to notice.)

The  natural gas leak flooding the Los Angeles Porter Ranch area and well beyond, reportedly carries radioactive gases at potentially lethal levels, though newsfolk haven’t shown interest. (Well, Democrats run the White House and Los Angeles, don’t they? Like disclosing classified info put General Petraeus in trouble, but not Hillary?)

Megabank J.P. Morgan Chase seems preparing to advance the governmental war on cash. (No cash, no spending the government can’t control.)

Report: “Huge speaking fees paid to Clintons are normal.” (You don’t have to treat speaking fees as political contributions, got it?)

Nude photo sharing at a middle school is under police investigation. (Schools teach sex and call police when kids show they’ve learned, right?)

And that is all, for now.


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