How Many Drowning Swimmers Can You Save Before You Are Pulled Under?

InvasionWe are not into conspiracy theories; our tinfoil hat sits firmly. We are more devotees of statistics. For example, when scads of Central American juveniles suddenly journey en masse’ through the length of Mexico to illegally invade the United States, we note the unlikilihood of such mass behavior. When scads of Moslem Middle Eastern refugees from civil war decide to leave or bypass previously used U.N. refugee camps in Turkey and other places on the periphery, we take note.

We note for one thing, that Central American newspapers and media held out the open U.S. borders and available government welfare. We cannot say that the following hordes streaming north were a result of that, but nor can we rule it out. We do assume that such campaigns aren’t cheap, even in Central America. We do not know why hordes of Middle Easterners, Afghans and other Moslems bypassed or left the relatively local refugee facilities for Europe after years of seeking the U,N. camps. We can read a bit of Spanish in Central American newspapers; we have zero Arabic. But we can see parallels.

We suppose that money is being spent to push these refugee peoples into Western countries in large numbers. We have read that U.S. government advertising has been employed; that seems questionable. But it is unarguable that the masses have been moving into the U.S. and Europe. Also that these masses are largely unequipped to make their own ways in their destinations.

They are fleeing poor, restricted and unsustainable societies. But as humans do, they bring those societies with them and expect to live in their new surroundings much as they did at home, a home that they had to flee. Irrational, no doubt, but very human. It is why they cluster together in their new places.

The politicians presently supporting these efforts are satisfying the needs of their political donors fort pliable voters and cheap labor; they do not consider the ultimate effect upon their present societies. When the bills arrive to be paid, someone else will be in charge.

We hear of the desperate need of these innocent refugees from violence. That is a scam. Some are refugees indeed; many are not, but rather economic migrants seeking a better life. What is not stated is, that life must come from the resources of folk whose once higher living standards are declining, folk who already have too many in need at home.

The other part of this is the increasing clash between the social mores of the locals and the new arrivals. Neither group is anxious to adopt the patterns of the other. In the long run, taking large numbers into your country resembles taking a smaller number into your house. How many can you afford and tolerate before your family is destroyed? Particularly when the intruders cling to a hostile behavior system. That reality is the last concern that politicians, themselves insulated from what they bring about, wish to consider.

Refugees — real ones — are pitiful. And to a degree, usually innocent. So too are chickens and lambs but we eat them. Illegal migrants only migrate because they have failed at home.  They only seek the West because the West has succeeded. That success has come at great cost. How can anyone honestly maintain that Americans and Europeans owe the rest of the world a free ride at the expense of their own decline?

An honest politician, the one that Diogenes famously failed to find, will want to measure how many can be rescued without destroying the rescuers. That satisfies both reality and charity. Somehow, no current Presidential candidate seems to have thought of it …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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