Alfred_E__NeumannIt’s been another week; here we go again:

Norway’s largest bank has demanded elimination of cash. (Financial transactions under government control and taxation.) The Bank of Japan joined European financial thinking by imposing negative interest rates.  Will the U.S. follow? (Everyone’s money visible to the NSA? Congress must be drooling!)

68% of Americans ruin their credit rating before age 30. (100% of Congressfolk can do it for an entire country.) (Another triumph of public education …)

Type 1 diabetes was halted by a new treatment, leading to hopes for a cure. (No daily injections?)

A woman beat her husband for declining sex. (Maybe he had a headache …)

In –vitro fertilization for older women is under test in the U.K. (Is grandma up to raising them?)

Brazils’ finances are so overwhelmed that Carnival has been canceled. (They’re going to put on the Olympics, right?)

The GOP-led Congress  is writing the President a blank check for war powers … (We don’t need no damn Constitution anyway, right?)

Zikavirus continues to expand in Brazil; it is expected to infect the Americas. Presently untreatable, Zika virus has also been conformed in an Arkansas resident. The mosquito borne new disease is expected to spread through the Americas. (God, or somebody, has a sense of humor)

Is Alzheimer’s transmittable?  Evidence suggests, yes. (Sort of)

An IoT search engine lets users spy over strangers’ webcams. (Sounds great for peeping Toms, exhibitionists … and governments.)

A tidal wave of corporate migrants are emigrating toward lower tax countries. (President Coolidge is passe’; the business of America is no longer business, right?)

OPEC’s boss is pleading for Russia and others to work out a production cut so that oil prices rise. Russia agreed to talk. (Production cuts to bring the price up?) (And restore fracking?)

 California’s dream, a bankroll-busting high speed rail system from LA to San Francisco, is stalling. (Reality  Sucks!)

A British engineers’ group warned of impending power crisis as green policies shut coal fired electricity sources, forcing increased importation of costly power. (Duh!)

A U.S. airbase has been launched in Syria.  (Why not, everybody’s doing it!) (Guess who’s paying?)

$681 million mystery money found in the Malaysian Prime Ministers’ possession turned out to be a ‘personal donation’ by the Saudis.  (Hmn … wonder how much a Putin or Obama costs?)

A Benghazi-related email has pointed to the White House as responsible for the inadequate protection of the Ambassador and three others in the e Islamist attack. (When a politician “has your back” it takes on a whole new meaning!)

Maybe movie Oscars should be eliminated? (Racial quotas for movies and actors the Academy’s Next Big Thing?)

Students nationwide will attend a four day ‘White Privilege” bash. (Ain’t public education great?)

The Israeli electrical grid was cyberattacked massively, but the Israelis were prepared so no significant damage was done. (Well, the rockets and tunnels haven’t worked …)

A Schizophrenia breakthrough has elicited understanding of its cause and may lead to effective treatments.

In Turkey, prosecutors are seeking life terms for anti-Erdogan (Turkey’s Islamist President) journalists. (Obama can only envy …)

Hillary has lost Hollywood’s power women? (Who’s gonna be the ‘unknown Democrat to step up to replace her?) (Sit down, Biden …)

U.S, Britain and France are preparing military action in Libya as ISIS moves on Libyan oil. (If they don’t someone else will we suppose, but it’s unaffordable.)

The U.N. chief blasted Israel’s “stifling occupation” of Palestinians. (Never mind the Palestinians stabbing and rocketing?)

A Detroit homeless man accepts credit card donations on his cellphone. He’ll be ready when cash is banned.)

Mexican cops have again appeared at the center of a group disappearance, this time of 5 young people.

Politicians both right and left are seeing voter revolt. Political  parties may be dying out? (Well, Democrats and Republicans are now funded by the same donors to a large extent. So we know who they’re working for, and it isn’t us.)

Drug shortages, usually traceable to government intervention, are forcing rationing onto U.S. medical practice, normally without notice to patients. (SNAFU comes to mind. If that’s unfamiliar, ask an old guy.)

A study: College students spend 20% of their class time using cell phones. (With that work ethic, no wonder grads can’t repay their student loans.)

Dock workers closed the ports of New York and New Jersey without notice in a wildcat strike.  (The  economy isn’t slow enough?)

A Danish girl who stopped a rapist with pepper spray faces a fine for using a banned defense.

A vulture has been arrested in Lebanon on suspicion of spying for Israel.

A fully dressed man was arrested after forcing his girlfriend to walk a New York street naked.

Ain’t love grand? With that, we sign off …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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