A Few Things We Would Really Like To Know …

Question MarkIn no special order:

Is war still proceeding in Ukraine?

Is Ebola still proceeding in Africa?

Why are Republicans AND Democrats so anti-Trump?

How do U.S. political leaders plan to handle the deficits and debt?

Why don[t the big powers just let the Arabs deal with ISIS?

Why are Western governments swindling their taxpayers with global warming when Western wealth resulted during cheap energy policies?

You are welcome to add your own questions, as you see them. Even more welcome to provide answers to those above. We have our suspicions as to some of them, but no proof.

Das wird ja wirklich fabelhaft. (Provide your own umlauts.)

We’ve asked some of these, at least one reader offered some answers. Somehow though, the ‘main stream media’ failed to notice him. So, as our final question:

Why is that so?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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5 Responses to A Few Things We Would Really Like To Know …

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    “Why are Republicans AND Democrats so anti-Trump?”
    Because they have nothing against Megan Kelly. In fact, they like Megan Kelly. And so do I. So the only White House to which Trump is going to come within one hundred miles, is the little dog house in Ms. Kelly’s backyard. Donald is going to have to paint it white, though, before he moves in…

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, I like Kelley too. Having misplaced my tinfoil hat though, I wonder if Kelley is Trump’s actual motive or just an excuse to garner even more attention and that with no competition. I note that Murdoch, who owns Fox, is now pushing Bloomberg, so Trump may have reason to be wary of Fox from nere forward?

      • Rawclyde! says:

        Dump Trump the chump. That’s my motto.

        He’s ugly.
        He’s stupid.
        He sucks.

        The American citizenry would be best off if we were to illegally round up every dollar he’s got, unlawfully pile it up & outlawfully burn it. Then listen to the punk cry cry cry. And then, and thennn, and thennnnnnn, stuff the U.S. Constitution in his mouth to shut him up ~ before he thinks for another second about being the U.S. President. So, you see, Republicans & Democrats are anti-Trump because Republicans & Democrats are American. I’d like to see the Trump Tower leveled by a squad of F-14s before the primaries ~ and then watch that dog run…

        Yours truly

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Well, I guess you’re not a Trumpian. I appreciate his raising some issues that no others were willing to raise, but I too have my worries about Trump. But none of the others are wonderful either. The Democrats appear to me to have the same situation.

        How can I vote “NO!” for President..?

  2. Rawclyde! says:

    The only way to vote “NO!” for President is to run yourself for the office. Otherwise you must must MUST vote for somebody!

    I apologize for the burst of animosity toward Trump that I did not bother to quell. There was no substantial reasoning in it. Perhaps, as the primaries advance, I can come up with some. But, kind sir, please remember, this po’ boy, yours truly, has his limitations.

    THAT SAID, please, indulge me here:


    And please, feel free to stick around there and vent however you wish to do so!

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