If We Could Consult Benjamin Franklin OnThe 2016 Election

Benjamin FranklinNorman Lear reportedly defined the heavy Trump support as “America’s middle finger.” Priceless and perfect, seems to us. Also, a bit overdue.

If we shake up all the current candidates polling high enough to be taken seriously,we can sort them into two piles: the larger batch acceptable to the Establishment and the two presented as anathema to it. They latter being Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Both — and none other, speak against Things As They Are. At least, somewhat.

Both present themselves as political outsiders. Neither actually seems to be such. Senator Cruz is in disrepute just now for somehow forgetting to report two large campaign loans in 2012. One was from Wall Street megabank Goldman Sachs, the other for similarly placed Citibank. Add that it’s hard to pose as an outsider when your wife works for Goldman Sachs, as does Mrs. Cruz. Yeah. As for the Donald, none challenge his recent friendship with the Clintons nor his equally recent support for Democrats. And for useful Republicans, we have no doubt. We finish up with the remark from Ron Paul, the devotedly principled Congressman father of Senator Rand Paul, to the effect that Trump is the ultimate political insider by virtue of his career. Nor has Trump denied that.

Meantime, if tonight’s news is an indication, most of the nations’ media resources are devoted to destroying the Trump candidacy. It is hard not to be confused …

Granting that a lot can occur before November,. we still are not convinced that Mrs. Clinton will carry the Democrats’ banner into the election. We feel the same about Bernie Sanders. Who might be pulled from the hat like a magician’s rabbit? Dunno.

For the GOP, Senator Cruz was apparently to be the fringe right wing nut case until Mr. Trump appeared and by his own presence, legitimized Senator Cruz. More to the benefit of voters, Mr. Trump has raised issues such as immigration, that were off limits until he appeared. Thank you, Mr. Trump. That’s nice, but how about raising America’s financial conundrum? That’s even more existential than immigration. And Senator Cruz, if Mr. Trump chickens out of that, why don’t you bring it up? So far, you seem to be letting Mr. Trump cut through the political jungle ahead of you, taking credit for his work while sniping at him. Of course, he snipes at you.

Meanwhile, neither of you appears to be attacking President Obama’s doings in much detail. We’re reminded of a preacher who asked for a statement on sin from his Congressional candidate’s representative to use in his upcoming Sunday sermon. “Well,” the representative said, “You can say that he’s against it.” Don’t U.S. voters deserve a bit better than that? Granting  that none of the others has provided even as much as Messers Cruz and especially, Trump.

Add that of the bunch, Mr. Trump and Ben Carson made themselves successful careers before politics. And Doctor Carson has faded from election reality leaving Mr. Trump alone with that claim. He also had a successful TV career. Granted, he had family money and support to start but he earned his accomplishments., he did not depend upon voters hypnotized into handing them to him. That counts for something, we suppose.

So, we’re glad of the Trump participation in an otherwise carefully manged election, as we see it. But ask: Do we TRUST Donald Trump?  We certainly have no reason to trust any of the others.

We tried to imagine what old Benjamin Franklin would say if we could ask him that question. We’re fairly sure that he would laugh. We have no idea what he might say after that …




About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to If We Could Consult Benjamin Franklin OnThe 2016 Election

  1. atimetoshare says:

    I agree – he would undoubtedly laugh his head off. How sadly disoriented our country has become in its short history.

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