“White Privilege”Is DestructivePolitics

PeanutsUnder “Affirmative Action,” it is blacks, not whites, who are privileged. Whites are discriminated. And American blacks have suffered, not gained under the program. Honest equality requires a level playing field, the same rules for every player.

Homo Sapiens may be found with varying amounts of epidermal melanin: Black, Brown and White. Brown may or may not have epicanthic folds over their eyes. Within those broad classes are categories based upon geography, language, culture and nowadays, nationality. Plus many more.

Human nature does not trust the unknown person as a foundation of self preservation. We put our own needs first in general, so we assume the same for others, especially others seemingly unlike us in visible ways. That is normal behavior for a species that desires to avoid extinction. We moderate such defensive behavior with increasing knowledge of individuals, replacing defense with tolerance or friendship. But we do that only on an individual basis, retaining defensiveness toward others unknown. It’s a survival trait.

Increasing population density with growing civilization provided massive mingling of hitherto, separated types of people. The mingling has been strained by natural defensiveness; that has been manipulated by politicians to increase their power over society by playing one group against another. That has slowed the building of trust and the desired appreciation of commonality even as social progress outlawed slavery in most places.

This has accelerated in Europe and in the United States. In Europe, Jews are being restored to their pre-WWII despite; in the United States, it is white people in general and Christians. And whites are losing their once majority status, encouraging this political hay-making by the mostly white politicians. Blacks are encouraged via propaganda and public education to buy into this. Whites are told by the same means to accept this as the product of their exploitation of helpless blacks. It had been intended to include Asians with blacks as a tool to beat whites but the rapid advancement of Asians in the U.S. society has quietly sabotaged that.

This is currently playing out in the political Left’s creation of “White Privilege.” That says that whites have unfairly acquired their wealth and power and should be ashamed of themselves. A community college is planning to devote an entire month to “whiteness shaming.”  The (black) host of the upcoming  Academy Awards, Chris Rock, is under pressure to resign the gig because no blacks have been nominated for awards.

Never mind that Europeans created modern civilization with its technology and spread it around the world, investing in Asia and Africa and the Americas. Never mind that the Academy Awards are offered for performances in a field in which the performers are overwhelmingly white people and whose audiences have been overwhelmingly white people. Politicians want the power to dictate such things, ignoring that such is prostitution.

Asians, treated the same as blacks, now are surpassing whites, without political ‘help.’ Blacks lost their multiple and relatively primitive cultures through slavery, adopted the predominate white culture and were progressing until they were made a special political case, thereby switched from independence and responsibility toward dependence and entitlement. Black individuals have eschewed this pattern and thrived; too many have bought into the snake oil and remained at the bottom of society as resentful citizens.

The diminishing percentage of whites, now watching their wealth shrink and jobs vanish is told that white preferences are unfair while black preferences are “affirmative action” and acceptable. That seems likely to become a harder sell as ironically, whites are now sinking toward a lower economic level. College students note that skin color may seem to affect grades, just as have sports skills on occasion. And entry into college is rife with affirmative action, both overt and covert. The hypocrisy is both destructive and not lost on those subject to it, but it evidently buys votes at the expense of weakening social cohesion.

We  wonder whether this is not one of the reasons Donald Trump resonates with voters to the chagrin of the politicians. White folk sweated and died to provide what the world is now sharing. They earned it by creating it. They are becoming tired of being blamed for that.

If politicians really want a fair and integrated society as they should, they will do what they can to integrate, not disintegrate the citizens. That begins with offering everyone the same opportunities, not with handing out preferences. Asians are proof of that, just as too many blacks are proof that political preferences are destructive.



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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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