GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)


I Voted!

From a week burgeoning with news, help yourself:

A man beset by bedbugs set his apartment on fire. (That should fix the bedbugs …)

China is facing its version of the 1929 Great Depression. A never used, now demolished skyscraper helps to explain what is happening.

North Korea’s dictator Kim is reportedly building several secret personal escape tunnels at his nation’s borders. (New exits for the rat trap …)

A Middle East explanation for those interested in why the mess.(Hint:  Oil and religion are a tough mix.)

20% of Democrats would vote for Trump over Hillary, per a recent poll. (Wonder who paid for the polll?)

A foul-mouthed Golden Globes  award show embodies the collapse of American culture.

A new constitutional convention is requested by the Governor of Texas, evoking liberal attacks. (Thomas Sowell has an opinion we share.)

Cover ups of Islamic violence continue with governments and media. A Swedish example.

Does the FDA condemn thousands with its refusals to allow use of drugs approved elsewhere?

President Obama seems to aspire to U.N. leadership after his presidency. ( Israel seems opposed.)

An ice-free Arctic  is not new; nor did previous cases eliminate polar bears, contrary to popular myth.

Another Terror Attack, this one in France, used a machete and “Allahu Akbar”, the Jewish victim saved by his Torah. (France has more Moslems than the U.S. although that is changing as fast as the government can manage.)

Actual December jobs added were 11,000; the reported 292,000 resulted from a ‘seasonal adjustment’ to the report. (“How To Lie With Statistics”)

A mandatory USC class required registering students to detail their recent sexual history. The university apologized …  after the internet reacted.

Some OPEC members are showing discomfort with the plunging oil price. (Cuts income too much.)

‘Common Core’ is less bout education and more about textbook sales, per a book executive who was fired for saying it.

List: 140 unfulfilled President Obama promises … (We wonder whether it’s a record or not?)

Are Americans abandoning political parties? (‘Independents’ are a growing group, now exceeding 40%.)

Teens charged  in New York rape, man shot, beaten by gang near Columbia U, Washington DC  metro attack packs terrorize. Chicago: 120 people shot in first 10 days of 2016. A man used his wife’s head to mop up milk after his “no jelly” rage, per police. (The post-Christian culture progresses.)

IVF: The first genetically modified human embryos could be produced within weeks in Great Britain. (Time for a new edition of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”?)

The Obamafolk will expand the number of refugees to be admitted to the U.S

Iran will be free of U.S. economic sanctions that have hindered its nuke pursuit, as of Monday, a result of the toothless nuke deal entered by President Obama.

Dirty scopes” infected patients, per an investigation.  (A real problem or a reach for more regulation?)

The FBI is about to prosecute Hillary?  (The President doesn’t like her?)

PC’s are giving way to phones and tablets, but Windows 10 may salvage them, at least for a while.

Judicial Watch has found State Department 2004 records of Moslem terrorists entering Mexico, then the U.S. (What, me worry?)

German healthcare faces a refugee problem: Too many unhealthy migrants and too many who refuse female healthcare providers. (How about those who want female providers?)

An impressive new cancer treatment that eliminates cancerous cells is coming out of the lab.

Al Jazeera America, the Gulf Arab ‘news’ outlet, is folding for lack of an adequate audience.(Our  leaders are enlarging the audience as fast as it can, but … )

Is Hillary losing party support? (Pundit at  CNN seems to think so.)

The Royal bank of Scotland advised investors to “Sell everything” in the face of oncoming crisis.  (Scared Scots Screaming …)

Morphine may shrink your brain in as little as one month. (Explains a lot of druggie decisions?)

Jewish migration from Western Europe to Israel is at an all-time high. (Time passes, things change, right?)

Chocolate is in trouble; confectioners are pushing a $1B program to save it …

Happiness, researchers say, may lie in our genes, which is why Nigerians are happier than Germans.

Chicago placed No. 1 in bedbugs for the fourth straight year. (A city showing leadership in all things … )

Use of old voting machines is inviting tampering, per a report. (Who did you say counts the votes?)

3 former Philadelphia election officials pleaded guilty to election fraud.

“13 Hours” is the new Benghazi movie showing a view of the Ambassador’s murder and the terrorist attack  as seen by U.S. military contractors who were there.

Trump supports amnesty for illegals currently present, per a report. He would deport them, then allow them to return? (We’re becoming confused … believe Trump, believe this guy or believe nobody?

A new redesign for traditional incandescent light bulbs may return them to use via increased efficiency.

Flint, Michigan can’t drink its water. The state switched its water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River to save money.  But the river is polluted and poisonous.  The state switched back without appearing to solve the problem. Flint residents still can’t drink their water. Lawyers are arriving along with illness. (Remarkably low news value, though …)

A naked woman trashed a Waffle House.  (Syrup?)

Wal-Mart will close 269 stores, 154 of them in the U.S. (The ‘recovery’ proceeds … )

President Obama plans to use the U.N. to qualify Central Americans as “refugees” who can legally migrate to the U.S.  (Setting a prostitute to enforce chastity?)

A man strolled past airport security with the help of a microchip implanted in his hand. Such chips can make payments, too. (Meet the coming replacement for birth certificates?)

Do you have an eavesdropping phone?  Advertisers use data gathered from your phone’s microphone even when you’re not using it. (Phones broadcast more than just your calls.)

Puerto Rico is in an economic collapse. (Has it become news somehow?)

World trade has declined so far that the Baltic Dry Index is below 400. (Recession proceeding.)

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz somehow ‘forgot’ to report his $1M campaign loan from his wife’s bank, New York megabank Goldman Sachs in 2012.  (Politicians’ memories …) A second unreported loan.

President Obama’s war on coal continues with the decision to stop coal leasing on Federal lands. (A cheap energy policy led to U.S. wealth; where are we going with its reversal?)

Nobody appears to have done anything interesting while naked this week, so this is the end.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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