A Few Questions Our Politicians Should Answer … (But We’ll Bet They Won’t)

Question MarkOur proposed ‘representatives,’ if they are seriously intending upon representing us, owe us answers to a few existential questions so that we can vote intelligently.

As they struggle ferociously to avoid all of the serious subjects … well, excepting Mr. Trump, who joins them in ducking much detail and does not bring up the most salient question of all.

Here is our short list of election questions that matter, in order of importance. Yes, absolutely, this is our opinion and you are welcome to supply your own list.

Here is the number one question, one that is fully existential:

  1. How will resolution of existing U.S. debt and deficits be resolved?

As this requires winners and losers, it will require tying and torturing candidates to elicit any honest answers. We will likely be left to guess. (And most will likely end among the losers.)

The next subject is the escalating risk of imposing too many needy and unqualified immigrants upon a steadily poorer and increasingly divided people.

2. How many of what kinds of immigrants can the U.S. presently be expected to safely absorb?

Bot present attitudes (Open borders and “Deport ’em!”) are unrea. Again, no candidate has leveled with us nor do we expect that. We’re on our own …

Our last existential question is probably more fundamental than the one above, but takes the third spot because it is a tad farther off.  Well, at least its realization may take a bit longer. (The trend was mentioned around 1835 by Alexis de Tocqueville in his classic “Democracy in America.”)

3. What if anything is to be done about a Federal government grown so massively controlling over the details of human life, to the point that it now is constricting both the options and the scope of personal decisions for the average citizen?

There are certainly other issues that can claim to deserve a hearing. Some may wish to question those listed, It is simply the best we could do at the moment. And we would love to hear them brought up at one of the candidate ‘debates;’ any bets on that?

As a sort of postscript, we wonder whether a reason candidates don’t  mention such things is perhaps, they do not prefer informed, adult-minded citizens as voters. That would fit too with the way the public schools are conducted, plus the fact that the endless complaints always seem to produce a ‘solution’ of applying more funds to a continuance of what has been producing the complaints. Perhaps we are too cynical?.





About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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