It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Deport All The Illegals! (Oh?)

DeportationFox pundit Bill O’Reilly tonight said: “It’s impossible to round up and deport all the illegal aliens..” or words to that effect. He is actually saying that the estimated 13 million that we have allowed to accumulate is too many to be practical, we suppose. We have heard that said before, usually on the political Left. Why?

Several of our Presidents have presided over mass deportations of Chines and Mexican aliens in the past, some of those events after WWII. It is true that the numbers were smaller, though not small compared to the size of the U.S. population at the time. There were also a lot fewer government agents to do the work. And it took a while.

Today, we have a larger number to deal with; also a larger number of government agents to do the work, aided by modern communications and gadgets. And whatever time is necessary, is available. It is not impossible in fact, though it may be such in politics. For the politicians; not so much we suppose, for the voters.But all this seems to us, hot air..

None of our leaders, pundits nor candidates have leveled with us, nor did Mr. O’Reilly. The first (ignored) question to be answered is: How many aliens of what needs and abilities can the U.S. afford under present conditions? We need a reasoned, factual answer; to get that wrong can destabilize the economy and the society; both already under stress.

Talk of “walls on the border” and mass deportations are only wind without settling that issue. You are liable to shoot anywhere or anyone if start firing before selecting your target. And knowing that, when our politicians try to drown us in glittering generalities, they are handing out propaganda, along the lines of: “You can keep your doctor.”

Mr. Trump, bless him, has raised otherwise verbotern issues but none, including the Donald, have put reality on the line in public. Neither to our knowledge, have any dwelt upon the lack of enforcement of existing immigration law by any of our past or present Chief Executives. Never mind the details, vote for me, I will save you! Yeah …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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