GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannThe latest newslines, laughs and lunacy:

Brazil is joining the recession. (First, you join; later, you admit it.)

Why are 20-somethings retiring?  (Your call; the politicians don’t want to know.)

The Periodic Table of elements is finally filled with the discovery of four new elements. (A lot more important than it sounds!)

A machete-wielding man trashed a Florida mosque, then left bacon at the door. (Wasteful, right?)

Angola’s currency is collapsing as hyperinflation threatens Africa. (We can hope that it and Ebola stay there …)

Saudi Arabia vs. Iran is heating up as Iran strengthens under President Obama’s policies. Removing sanctions and looking the other way at nukes)

Puerto Rico expects to face legal actions as it defaults on its debts. (And some states aren’t much better.)

China: Investors are fleeing the markets there into gold. (“Who has eyes to see, let him see … “)

Venezuela: The newly majority opposition is apparently ignoring the government’s use of new Supreme Court judges to nullify the elections of key legislators. (Guns next?)

Daily Beast: A new Clinton bimbo eruption? (We’re supposed to blame Mrs. for Mr.’s affairs while we live in today’s ‘hookup’ culture?)

NSA broke some leading internet encryption services to facilitate its eavesdropping. (You and some big corporations are less safe.)

New York’s Governor (D) has ordered that all city homeless be rounded up and housed if temperatures drop to 32F. (Hmnn … Entertainment and big bills for New York City?)

Establishment politicians are battling to eliminate outsiders. (Our leaders know who we should elect better than we do.)

U.S. Pacific fleet shrinks as China grows more aggressive. (And both are broke.)

The h-1b visa white collar worker program that replaces Americans with cheaper foreigners has been quietly expanded past its supposed limits (We don’t need no damn jobs, anyway.)

The Washington Supreme Court upheld the conviction of a man carrying a paring knife. (The Northwest is safer know … )

Multiculturalism has failed – everywhere. (We’ve noticed.)

The Chinese government has increased its active intervention into its stock market. (1. Therefore, this cannot operate as a free market so any investment suffers added political risk.  2. It is widely believed that the U.S. does the same things, surreptitiously. That would add two risk: Political plus institutionalized deception.)

NASA’s “2015 Hottest year on record” is denied by its own satellite data. (Report) (When your hypothesis is not supported by the data … find new data, right?)

Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic stadium was cut off for its unpaid bills.

Most Americans live one paycheck away from the street, per report. (Welcome to the New Proletariat!)

Japanese scientists are turning electric brain waves into speech, up to two seconds before the words are spoken. (Could –perhaps- lead to unspoken communication with people and robots?)

Intel announced production of a helmet with built-in glasses that provides a form of X-ray vision. (An opportunity for lead underwear?)

Hackers earned a historical first: They caused a power blackout (in Ukraine.) (Larger grids better worry … )

Human ‘free will’ is supported by recent brain studies. (Guess we’ll just have to go on being responsible?)

Middle class decline in 6 charts. (For any who have been wearing blinders)

Red wine is bad for you, per report. (Aren’t hey supposed to trash chocolate, too?)

Turkey has allegedly voted to put President Erdogan in charge of what will amount to an Islamic caliphate. A revised constitution is expected to follow.  (Attention! To the rear, double time, MARCH!)

Two Thirds of Americans have no emergency savings.  (Ninth Beatitude: “Blessed is he who expecteth the worst, for he shall not be disappointed.” Modern version: “Reality Sucks.”))

Post-recession jobs have paid an average 23% less than did the jobs that they replace. (Competing with China will do that … )

A new prostate cancer procedure is revolutionizing diagnosis.(More accurate, less painful)

17% of U.S. jobs are held by immigrants. (If yours is one of them, thank a politician!)

Some Obamacare payments are made with inadequate or no verification of recipient’s eligibility.

A new Missouri Legislature bill would define sex between lobbyists and legislators as reportable gifts.

An EXPLANATION for the decline in average pay for new hires: The U.S. industries that pay well, aren’t hiring.  Most of the new hires occur in low wage, service activities.  (Just what public schools aim to produce, right?)

Gravity will be made and controlled if a proposed experiment succeeds – an enormous step forward in physics.

How many Americans are adequately preparing for retirement? (A  useful report for those still at work.)

Empires (Like the U.S.) Fall When Corruption Becomes Rampant.”  (Now they tell us?)

California’s underground gas leak is emptying a wealthy subdivision.

Decaying gas lines threaten New York City.

A man, 43, will use his bionic penis to renounce his virginity. (Good greif!)

With that, we give up for this week.



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