Our Post-Christian Society and Unintended Consequences …


Corruption – World Map

U.S. government corruption has risen to new heights per the linked report. That may account for the less corrupt Canada, Australia and Scandinavia per the map above. Even so, the United States stands well above the rest of the world in that regard. And it should be no surprise that the least corrupt areas are also, the wealthiest and most advanced.

As we have noted before, the less corrupt areas also coincide with the spread of post-Reformation Christianity. . It seems reasonable then, to ascribe the low levels of corruption to the shared, rather strict Christian behavior patterns of the societies involved.

That being the hypothesis, it follows that the recent abandonment of U.S. Christianity has provided the basis for the rise in corruption. We have noted this before, too. But it has taken until now to discover other writers paying attention to the phenomenon. To us, that suggest that the corruption is advanced.

Another factor is involved as well. The most corrupt societies are also the most impoverished.  That is because political power is used to siphon off wealth before it reaches most of the people. Simple, right?

In today’s United States, it follows that with increasing corruption, we should expect increasing wealth inequality that the Left is presently noting. However, it is also logical that the increasing government control that the political Left wishes, will necessarily draw more of the wealth to those in power, thus hastening the impoverishment of the masses. That is the way power works. (Go back and reexamine the maps or observe the decline of the middle class..)

As has been noted often, the present, massive Western middle class is an historical anomaly. The trend under discussion is after all, a return to the historic norm.

That does not of course, make it inevitable at the moment. A political choice of different policies, perhaps maximizing technology in the U.S. and Europe, might maintain economic leadership for some time. But those are not the policies now chosen; instead, the West has opted, knowingly or not, to abandon economic leadership in favor of a return to the world average living standard. And that is being accomplished, perhaps faster than most appreciate.

To alter this will require a very substantive change in national leadership, an alteration so substantial as to border upon unlikely. A very different Congress and President will be required as a minimum. And that seems a stretch at best.

As usual, these are our opinions; we will appreciate yours, agreeable or different. Whatever world we make, will be where we will all have to live.






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