GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur current gatherings of news and nuts:

A woman beat a DUI rap by claiming that her body produces alcohol.

A Federal Regulation record was set in 2015. (Gonna have to ask to blow our noses?)

Judeo-Christianity vs. Islam: A clash of civilizations?  (The elephant in that room: Modernity)

Dutch driving instructors have been told that they may offer lessons in return for sex. (For students over 18, so no worries, right?)

A yellow-bellied sea serpent (rare) washed ashore in Southern California. (The Serpent enters a political Eden?)

Big GOP donor Sheldon Adelson is huddling with Trump. (Hmnn … is that good?)

International migration adds one person to the U.S. every 29 seconds, per the Census Bureau.   All you Americans are fired! (Migrants are cheaper, especially illegal ones. But it’s ok, a lot of those will prefer welfare.)

California: “Gun Nuts” takes on a new meaning as new law lets government seize legally owned guns without notice on suspicion of intended violence. (Expect a LOT of suspicion?)

Turkey seems to be falling toward civil war as its military pounds Kurdish cities. (Can’t be news; the media hasn’t noticed … )

Chicago: 2015 reported 468 murders amidst 2,247 shootings. (What strict gun control does for you?)

The State Department has not met the judicial order to deliver Clinton e-mails.  (Law enforcement works differently for prominent Democrats?)

Venezuela: The Supreme Court blocked the government’s newly elected opposition from assuming office in what amounts to a ‘judicial coup.’(Keeping the socialist Prez in charge of his collapsing economy.)

Switzerland sees surging gun sales as the Swiss Army boss advises: “Arm yourselves!” and President Obama moves to diminish U.S. guns.

Tax preparers will become IRS controlled under a new bill introduced in Congress by 2 Republicans. (If you won’t cut spending, best collect more taxes, right?)

The ‘Refugee Resettlement’ bill recently passed by Congress will fund the expansion of immigrant refugee arrivals. (Do you think Trump or Cruz will target that bill?)

Those Gun seizures without notice begin in California January 1st. (Any bets?)

A naked peeping tom wearing a Ronald Reagan mask was caught by a security camera.

A new metal manufacturing process may revolutionize autos, planes and more by providing light, super-strength metals. .

A 400 pound, bearded woman stabbed a man (for asking for a peanut). We are speechless.

And so with that, we have provided you our recent collection. And we’re still speechless …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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