The Brave New World From Government Planners?

Brave New WorldWe begin to suppose that our ruling class has a plan for us. Not of course, for them. We do not know this; it is supposition derived from observation, no more. And perhaps, we are a bit paranoid, too. You decided for yourself.

But let us consider:

  1. Driverless cars. 
  2. Tiny Homes.
  3. Cashless Economies
  4. The Shrinking U.S. Middle Class.

The U.S. and Europe – the historical Judeo-Christian West – is abandoning its ancient culture while progressing toward insolvency via overspending upon politically promised welfare for which there is insufficient revenue.

A significant portion of this results from U.S. and European capital and industrial resources that have been invested in places like China and India in order to compete with high-cost Western production, an eminently predictable economic progression.

The inevitable result of such a progression is first, the rise of wealth in the previously poor areas and second, the decline of wealth in the previously wealthy ones as the world market approaches equilibrium. This is a primary element in the shrinkage of the U.S. middle class, first noticed when the heretofore housewives had to go to work in the 1970’s.

Now that every U.S. taxpayer owes over $150,000 toward the National Debt, not including local and state indebtedness, it is obvious that the government cannot continue its present deficits. But not to continue them will cut Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare and overseas military adventures to a politically unacceptable level. So our politicians wait for circumstances, rather than them, to cut. They know that such a cut will be in effect, a political guillotine. “Apres moi, le deluge” as Louis IV had it.

Meantime, government subsidizes unadmitted inflation, raises energy costs with ‘planet-saving green energy policies and tries to swamp the work force with low-cost illegal aliens, all policies likely to contribute toward a decline in U.S. living standards.

It seems reasonable, looking at what is done rather than at what is said, to conclude that the returning of the erstwhile middle class to proletarian status is intended.

Government planners are aiming, apparently, at providing us driverless cars to replace our own, mostly idle and often dangerous, vehicles, at least in cities. You just call one like you’d call a Uber drver today. You don’t need (and probably will not be allowed) your own car.

They also foresee and so will likely ultimately mandate, “Tiny Homes” or translated, living as do the Japanese and Chinese in much smaller spaces than we take for granted at present. Providing of course, much less storage space.

Another feature of the planned future is the removal of cash. All transactions are intended to be electronic. Convenient, certainly but a government dream in its removal of black (non-government) markets and its ability to cut anyone off from the economy at government will.

All of these will obviously help keep the proletarians under government control. And help keep them poor, too. It’s hard to get rich if you have no place to store anything, can’t make a legal transaction without government oversight and can’t go anywhere without tacit government approval.

Government planners, in relying upon such measures, are imposing a new serfdom upon the West, heretofore an exception to that (but an historically anomalous one) historical normality.

Oh, and our homes will be compelled to become ‘smart houses’ along that way, which ultimately translates to utility rationing by suppliers of gas, water and electricity at government behest. .

Perhaps we will rise up in dudgeon to repel these plans or perhaps our descendants will simply submit to poverty. Our rulers naturally, will not be subject to these rules imposed upon the rest of us. That is already visible in Al Gore’s living quarters and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. And to be fair, we expect most GOP hotshots as well. It’s just human nature, after all.

As we said earlier, we may be paranoid; feel free to disagree. Though if you do, we will appreciate hearing why …




About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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