GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannLast Saturday’s collection of news and nonsense:

A San Diego man, distracted by his cell phone, walked off a cliff.

A Kentucky mall closed early as some 50 police were unable to control over a thousand disorderly teens.

U.S. corporate earnings reports are raising questions … and suspicions. Some expert observers says they seem too good to be true.

A man was stabbed by a 400 lb. bearded woman in California. (He asked for a peanut?)

Internet website access will become more limited for some users as of January. Users of older versions of Windows and older models of cell phones will notice quickly.

A woman bit off her husband’s ear in a squabble over beer.

A Massachusetts court ruled that Catholic schools must hire homosexuals. (Will prisons stop discriminating between men and women?)

A monkey stole a bus in India. (Well, they license anybody to drive these days …)

TSA’s full body scanners are no longer optional for passengers when the TSA agent decides such a scan is needed.

U.S. Drones, even small ones, now require FAA registration.

The Saudi oil glut that has dropped prices has not curtailed Russian production, though U.S. fracking is affected.

A modest X-Ray vision device has been tested at MIT. (Will Big Brother go from reading our email to peering through our walls?)

Hillary Clinton announced a plan to pour billions into Alzheimer’s. (For her or Bill?)

China is continuing its anti-corruption campaign; high officials are ‘disappearing.’ (Now there’s an export we could really use … )

A Man and a woman attacked a blind and beat a Salvation Army bell ringer.

A teacher is suing his school district after suffering a students’ attack.

Returning graffiti are making New York City  look like the 1970s.

A new retail ad campaign uses models with scars, tattoos and unshaven armpits.  (cultural refinement proceeds …)

Genes  appear to determine intelligence, per a report.  (So, designer babies, careers assigned by DNA, etc?)

Higher brainwashing from Harvard: (Frequently Asked Questions foisted upon students headed home for the holidays)

15 Jihadi groups are waiting to replace ISIS if it is defeated, per a report. (Way understated!)

U.S. investors are warned:  Government is increasing limits of American capital flowing abroad and encouraging incoming foreign investments and property taxes are expected to increase significantly.

A woman drove, apparently deliberately, onto the sidewalk, yelling “Allahu akbar” and hitting some 40 people.. (Shows a need for car control!)

A bear rapes a man in a new De Caprio film, “The Revenant.” (That’s Entertainment, right?)

A small group of U.S. Special Forces was thrown out f Libya amid a local political scramble. ((It’s getting hard to find a place without American meddlers.)

A new bill will, if passed, fine Oklahoma students $50 for bullying.  (Whatever that is, as decided by whomever …)

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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1 Response to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Sepehr’s portraits have something important in common, they all have a determined “my way or the highway” look on their faces. These portraits tell us that this new generation (and remember, more than 60% of Iran’s population is under the age of 30) are not interested in waiting. They are here, they are true, and they are defining the future.

    I am now 33 years old and for me the Iran of the past decade has been defined by “waiting” – waiting for a better president – waiting for a change in regulations – waiting for the lifting of sanctions. Looking at Sepehr’s works makes me feel that by living a new truth, their own truth, the new generation has unwittingly made the waiting game go 

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