A Potemkin Economy …?

PPotemki VillageBernie Sanders, the stuffed dummy pretending to oppose Hillary Clinton, says he is a socialist. Probably in order to deflect that label from Clinton. If we have it right, none of the Republicans have labeled themselves definitively but Ted Cruz, who claims to be a conservative. To us, it all seems hogwash.

We sit with our Founders’ view: The labels mean little. What matters is not what we call the government in theory; what matters is this: Is the government powerful or weak? Is it large or small? Even public school grads should know that the Founders demanded small and weak. And any paying attention should know that today’s government is large and powerful. In its wisdom, America has repudiated its Founders.

Said Founders would not be surprised; they sat amidst many who would have chosen such back then. But our Founders understood the price of such arrangements and so avoided them for us.

That is why it took until today for most Western governments to have bankrupted themselves (and us) with illusory free lunches. The U.S. national debt must be repaid by taxpayers, every one of who will have to cough up over $157,183 for his share right now. How soon will you be ready to pay off your share of that much money? Plus of course, interest. That does not include any city, county or state debt.

Simplified, that is all because we chose to replace our small, weak government with a large powerful one that promised to take care of us. We preferred to forget that any government whatever must, to take care of us, obtain its money from us. Yeah. We’re suckers, big time.

Second, large governments take control of the economy to fulfill their purposes. But, as their purposes are not economic but political, they always end destroying the economies they control. As we are seeing now with endless debts and deficits.

Once legislation and regulation have removed economic motives, the resulting stultified economy enters terminal stages as we see in America and elsewhere. The US fake economy feeds Fed fantasies but truth will seep through. The advertised ‘recovery’ is in fact a nearly perpetual recession. Workforces are shrinking and profits will follow. We now live in a Potemkin economy, propped up by government. But political props cannot fool real economics, which will in the ind (not far now) prevail.

One must wonder where we would be today if we had remained with our original small, weak government???


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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