GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannSelected news, reports and opinion:

Hot Money , some $670B annually, is estimated to escape government knowledge and taxes. 83% is attributed to inclusion in legitimate trade billing by overstating invoices for goods.  (Trade corruption.)

Turkey has occupied Iraqi territory with 350 troops. Iraq wants them out; the Turks refuse. (Watch this one!)

The Paris climate change deal requires a large wealth transfer from advanced to ‘developing’ countries. However, the deal lacks any legal enforcement provisions. (A giveaway from the ‘rich’ countries, all of whom are broke.)

Data encryption : Government is demanding that internet and phone companies help it to read our mail and listen to our phone calls. (Didn’t that used to require a court order?)

Report: Most gun control policies are ineffective at curbing gun violence. (About like the “War on Drugs” curbs drugs?)

An ex New York Senate leader and his son were convicted of extortion. (Republican, this time. We don’t suppose that political corruption is party sensitive … )

The U.S. budget deficit was $65B in November. (And WHO elected those guys?)

A BBC radio host was removed after mocked global warming.  (Following footsteps of the top French TV weatherman Weather “science” now has an Inqisition?) Climate ‘activists’ are demanding that the UN revoke the credentials of climate change deniers.  ‘Wanted’ posters with the faces of climate skeptics are posted in Paris.

Uber drivers are identified as independent contractors in new legislation in several states, supporting the company’s position. (In California, unions and a driver’s lawsuit insist that they are employees. We guess some places are interested in protecting taxi unions and others in adding new jobs.)

Middle class families are no longer the majority in America.(Shouldn’t the media and politicians be making a big deal out of that?)

The discovery of biomarkers identifying bipolar disorder was reported by Mayo Clinic researchers. (Mental health is losing its hocus-pocus. But what if we find biomarkers of say, criminality?)

Credit card data reveals the first core retail sales decline since the recession… (What happens to hot air balloons when the air cools?)

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has entered the new Cold War. (It well enforce only debts owed in dollars to US and allied creditors Thus begins disassembly of the world financial system?)

Venezuela has elected a non-socialist majority to its parliament. (Crooked socialists tanked the economy; can crooked non-socialists save it under a still socialist president?)

72 Homeland Security employees are on the terrorism watch list? (What will be done about their guns?)

A woman aged 91 was suffocated during a sex game with a married neighbor aged 49.(You may insert your own comment.)

As Sweden approaches a cashless society, people are hiding cash in ovens. (Mattresses passe’?)

A naked man carjacked a Federal Express truck but could not figure out how to drive it.(Hmnn … public school grad?)

And so it went …


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