Finland’s Universal Basic Income’ Program

Basic Income


The Swiss, some weeks back, voted down a proposal that theIR government should provide everyone a Minimum Basic Income, whether they earned it or not. The notoriously hard-headed Swiss voted no. The Swiss are too wedded to reality to buy such scams. Popes have preferred to rely on Swiss Guards over romantic Italians for some five hundred years now.

Now we hear that  Finland is going to try the Universal Basic Income. Well, not exactly. Instead, under a new center-Right government, the Finns are planning a relatively small, social experiment. They plan to pay small test groups a universal basic income, along with other ideas.

In short: the faddish Universal Basic Income amounts to a guaranteed minimum government payment to adults whether or not they work and regardless of any existing wealth. This will replace all present social welfare programs. Apparently, it is a popular idea on the Left just now.

That is stuff and nonsense of course; if one will receive a nominal income without working, from whom will the government take the necessary money?If folk who work and earn more than those payments find their earnings confiscated to pay the non-workers, who will work? Still, there were enough wishful thinkers among even the Swiss that the idea did make a ballot. In Finland, the new government evidently prefers to let folks see an example, though that won’t  be cheap. Smart we say, it will certainly be cheaper than committing the country to such nonsense.

The Finns then, are going to try it at a sample size before running with it. The Swiss didn’t need the trial run. We wonder where some more romantic peoples are even now, being subjected to this siren call?  We will see.

The bottom line is the perennial reality: No government can spend money it has not extracted from its citizens in the long run. Politicians always spend the citizens’ money. So they can’t spend us rich …



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