The Prez Milks Another ‘Crisis’

San Bernardino Shooter


As the U.S. media agonizes over ISIS and the apparently related San Bernardino murders, we shift the spotlight to the rest of the world, from which we are clearly supposed to be distracted.

President Putin, short on capable soldiers, has apparently diverted some of his (invisible) Russian military from Ukraine to Syria. It appears that Russia has not recovered enough from the collapse of the Soviets to support more than one significant military action. Putin will no doubt see this as a mere delay and his Ukrainian opposition will see it as an opportunity to steal rather than strengthen. When convenient, Putin may pick up where he has left off. For Putin, the shoring up of access to Western markets provided in Syria is worth more than immediate reacquisition of the Donbas. (Which has been pretty well trashed by now.)

In Argentina, a socialist president who has trashed finances has been replaced by her opposition. The new leader is complaining that the outgoing prez is doing everything possible to screw things up for him. We expect street mobs as soon as he takes office. (That’s how socialists deal with businessmen.)

In Brazil, the economy is supporting a move to impeach the President. Venezuela’s socialists have just been significantly dumped from their Parliament over inflation and pervasive shortages of nearly everything and particularly, toilet paper. A glance at international shipping informs us that the world has entered recession, though U.S. and E.U. politicians can’t afford to notice. So ISIS takes on renewed importance to keep some of this at bay in the public mind. At least until the stock market crashes in plain sight.

Not to forget, it is also because venomous Arabs are sexier public fare than international trade statistics and ratings remain imperative.

China’s Yuan has just joined the international currencies that are defined against the U.S. dollar. Argentina, Brazil, China,  India and Russia wish to diminish the U.S. dollar’s preeminence. Invading hordes of aliens are assaulting the borders of the West. (Driven mostly by Western meddling.) And we hear that President Obama’s wife is upset with him.  The Prez needs all the distractions he can find. Worst of all, Mr. Trump keeps bringing up some f these things, instead of decently ignoring them as do most of his competitors.

The Prez needs ISIS. It keeps our minds off reality …



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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