The Cross and the Crescent Under STress

Cross and CrescentChristianity and Islam are straining their respective societies as they are forced to confront modernity and its technology. So far, Christianity seems to be fading while Islam attacks itself and any available Christians.

As the San Bernardino murders and ISIS have been used to monopolize the “news” recently, culminating in a thankfully brief Presidential address tonight, we hereby finish that subject for now.

This roundup will be completed with a few questions and their evident answers; if any ore is less than factual, it is not intended and your corrections will be gratefully received.

Western politicians are interested in extirpating Christianity from the body politic; it sets churches up in competition with government. Governments do not like competition. For example, abortion, divorce and marriage are all now wrested from churches by government. Upcoming euthanasia and human cloning are imminent. Government is become the final arbiter of life and death for our species. God, if not as dead as  preferred, is no longer in charge. Government is in charge.

The politicians, by equating Islam with Christianity, service two goals: they trash Christianity, weakening a rival and empower another Christian attacker. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” (For the moment.)

Politicians seldom peer beyond the next election but in pushing Moslem values in America and Europe, that shortsightedness is a risk.  Judeo-Christian and Moslem societies are fundamentally incompatible. Both have evolved means for allowing the other’s believers to to cooperate and to live side by side when necessary. Neither is prepared to alter its own fundamentals to allow the other to increase its power.Where the two meet, one must prevail over the other. Politicians using Islam to beat down Christianity should bear that in mind, since an empowered Islamic constituency will likely have little use for them.

The wondrous technology of travel and the internet have opened what was a closed world to poor MOslems as well as Christians. Politicians refusing to face the reality of Islam so as to use it against Christianity, are opening Pandora’s famous box.

The political fallacy is, that is the nature of Islam, it is not a fringe or extremist view found only by nutcases. That is why most Moslems do not reject their terrorists’ anti-Western attacks. And it is why so few are ready to wonder how all those terrorist killers are financed, since that would interfere with relations with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other places.

The bottom line that cannot be said out loud: Either the Post-Christian, ‘modern’ societies (including Japan, that does not allow Moslem immigration)  will prevail in the end, or they will be faced with increasingly massive Moslem impacts. Pope Francis and his church are tearing themselves apart trying to accommodate modernity; their difficulty is as nothing compared to that facing any who wish to update Islam.

Now, Facebook accounts allow a few jihadists in remote places to recruit fanatic murderers all over the world, while worldwide youth unemployment provides a sucker list that only grows as economies decline.

In America as the killing ground expands, President Obama wants to protect Moslems from public hostility and to disarm the citizens in response to what is just the onset of what is coming.

If you are a homeowner in an American city, how many aggressive strangers do you feel you should take in at your expense? Strangers moreover, who disapprove of you. Pitiable strangers, certainly, because they cannot govern themselves in peace. Strangers who intend if they can, to impose their problems upon you.

It is not an easy question for heirs of Christian charity but it must be honestly answered. Importing destruction is no answer.




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