GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannNews, opinions and reports swept up and disgorged for you:

A cheating culture is replacing Christianity in the West.  (Yeah … and can you find any corrupt society that has escaped poverty?) The Washington Ponzi Machine explained (Why some folks call government a criminal enterprise.)  (Really!)

“Climate Hustle,” a skeptical climate change film, debuts December 7th in Paris. (If government allows it.)

Trusting the new gold fix and other mythic processes in a corrupt world. (You believe all the governments’ statistics, right?)

The Iranian nuclear deal remains unsigned by Iran? (Our Prez is a trusting soul … ) President Obama’s Iran nuke deal is non-binding, fully optional?

Democrats want the Fed to stall off any rate hike. (Apres moi le deluge! Wait until the GOP is responsible!)

The ‘Omnibus Spending Bill’ in Congress gives the President a blank check on immigration, Syrian refugees per report..(And ten billion tons of Congressional earmark spending, we’d bet)

Internet ordered meals may be delivered from ‘ghost’ restaurants, per a report. (These may be other than the supposed source or entirely unlicensed sources in private homes.)

Syria, explained on ZeroHedge (Clarifies a lot for any who want to understand what is really happening … and why.)

The truth about GDP  .(If rising prices are so desirable, why were people so unhappy in Weimar Germany in the 1930’s and in Zimbabwe 15 years ago?  Or Venezuela now? I.e. a rising GDP can be Iran,an economic scam … )

Brazil entering full depression? (Wall Street sees it – wanna bet whether politicians admit it?)

France closed 3 mosques for extremist activity. Paris ordered Jews not to light Hanukah candles in public places this year.

Europe is declining despite ECB dishing out free money.

 Chinese human cloning is just awaiting public acceptance? “Cattle cloning” factory to work on human bodies?

Citibank: 65% chance for 2016 recession in the U.S. (Duh!)

Mideast war remains a profitable racket. (For arms makers)

Pennsylvania’s Senate passed a bill legalizing Uber, including a 1% tax on fares. (Pay to Play state, right?)

An MIT study concludes that everything contemplated at the Paris climate meeting will accomplish nothing. (That’s wrong if we include the related spending.)

Trump’s “People celebrating 9/11” quote is confirmed by videos and news stories from that time… including from some of the news sources now calling him a liar.  (Whom can we trust?)

France’s top weatherman, fired for questioning global warming, has been hired by the Kremlin; he’s covering a UN climate affair for Russia Today. (It has to be fun … )

In Copenhagen, man jumped into the enclosure holding a 1,000 lb. polar bear … (and was rescued more or less intact. We wonder why?)

New Jersey: 5 fifth graders were arrested for a bomb plot. (Guess police are now baby sitters?)

Here’s How to dump costly cable/satellite TV for cheap internet services. (Cutting the cord … )

Youth unemployment : The worst 47 countries include France, Spain, Portugal, eastern Europe, the Mideast and Africa. (But it’s a problem everywhere.)

A hooker and her john were arrested for public lewdness after an anti-prostitution activist used a drone to photograph their activity inside a truck. We’re surprised it wasn’t the NSA.)

The Feds are (illegally) registering gun purchases and sharing the data, per report. (Fee; safer?)

A Jeb Bush top donor said he’ll switch to Hillary if Trump is nominated.  (Ought to help with knowing sleeping with whom … )

A man started a fist fight with a monkey after the beast peed on his motorbike.

Republican legislators are pushing the replacement of 260,000 American workers with foreigners.

The robots are coming! (How long before the Dems make ’em voters?)

Puerto Rico wants WalMart to pay 91.5% of its income as  a new tax  in response to the island’s insolvency. WalMart has sued in Federal court to stop enforcement of the new law.

Puerto Rico asked the Supreme Court to allow it to pursue bankruptcy. (Betcha strapped states are watching.)

Chicago police accounts of Michael Brown’s shooting are not supported by a newly released video that the cops have been sitting on. .

A naked woman was arrested for dancing nude on a street.  (Well, she’s a nut … and dancing beats shooting up a church or theater, right?)

And so it went; we trust your time was well invested …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. “In Copenhagen, man jumped into the enclosure holding a 1,000 lb. polar bear … (and was rescued more or less intact. We wonder why?)”
    Such a video could have become such a great public service message.

    “Here’s How to dump costly cable/satellite TV for cheap internet services. (Cutting the cord … )”
    We went the antenna TV route four years ago. So far it has netted us $4,300 (we had a cheap cable deal to begin with).

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