Now, Whom Do You Trust, Bro?

Trust MeYWe do not know anymore, whom we can believe. You may disagree, and welcome. It will be helpful if you can show us where we have gone off the track.

President Obama famously promised that we could keep our doctors with Obamacare when in fact, that was false. The Feds say unemployment is 5% while Shadowstats. com, a website that computes unemployment and other stats the way the Feds used to do that, finds unemployment above 20%. Inflation and the cost of living are in a similar situation.

Mighty Volkswagen, a symbol of German rectitude, has reportedly been falsifying its emissions data on a grand scale. The President of Brazil, another in a procession of economic basket cases, is watching an impeachment take form. Many of the same Russian troops who weren’t in Ukraine, are now turning up in Syria. (To the relief of Ukrainians.)

Also in Syria, U.S. special forces are turning up; as President Obama promised no boots on the ground, we assume that that they must be wearing slippers.

In San Bernardino, where we had two shooters dead and one holed up in a church, shooting at officers, we now suddenly are down to two, both dead. No church, no one shooting at officers. How did the third desperado dissapper? (Silence.)

President Putin said that global warming is a fraud; President Obama is leading a climate summit to deal with it. One of his honchos said that he should prosecute those who deny warming. Both Presidents are on record with lying, which do we believe on climate? Why?

Over at the Vatican, we have an unmitigated socialist in St. Peters’s Seat, selling global warming plus the current Lefty revisions of family and sexual mores, whatever doctrinal ‘adjustment’ he thinks he can pull it off. One may conclude that the current Holy Father presides over Catholicism via the latest polls.  His undoubted holiness and simplicity seem to be the Franciscan drag within which this Jesuit proceeds.

So we wonder: Whom may we trust? President Putin? President Obama? His Holiness? The outspoken actor, Charlie sheen who just finally admitted to AIDS long undisclosed to his many ‘girlfriends’?

We are reaching a point where we are reluctant to believe most anyone. Including our own image in a mirror! Apparently though, that is no new thing. We have two very useful old Roman phrases upon which we may lean: For ourselves, “Caveat emptor” or “Let the buyer beware.” Most especially when buying from politicians. Secondly, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.” We prefer to translate it as: “Wo will govern the governors?” If we are so dangerous that we need governing, how will we govern ourselves? Yeah …Particularly, when we invariably rely upon lying politicians to do it.




About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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