San Bernardino Shooting: Part Two

ShootingsIt was not so long ago that a ‘mass shooting’ in San Bernardino would have traveled little farther than nearby Los Angels. Angelenos would have dismissed it with thoughts of San Berdoo rednecks and gone on to other news. Time passes; things change.

Now, we have the internet, Islamic terror exported from Islamic places and everything – EVERYTHING – is politicized. President Obama is our first President to, after election, have only accelerated campaigning. At least, it seems so to us.

It seems now, as the media cohere around a shifting story (What happened to the ‘third terrorist’ holed up in a church and shooting at police?) Never mind, we suppose. And the now two suspects, both conveniently very dead, have apparently turned out to be Moslems rather than the preferred Republicans. Well, nobody wins them all, right?

We will likely never know the reality; too many politicians are on the scene from the Prez on down. Democrats want the Islamic thread snipped; Republicans are split between that and demanding an invasion of ISIS territory. No honesty in any of it.

The simple if not so nice reality seems to us, this:

  1. ISIS, al Qaeda, al Shabab, Boko Haram, Abu Sayaf, the Taliban and endless other such world wide, are learning to use the internet to recruit young Moslems everywhere to duplicate in their various homes, the mayhem perpetrated by their inspiring sponsors, all on their own. World wide youth unemployment provides the suckers.  Well, and cultural friction.
  2. Today’s cheap world travel (by historical comparisons) and communications are seeding and mixing populations with previously segregated and nominally immiscible cultures. Europe has already, a lot of Moslems as America has a lot of Spanish-speaking Indians from Central America and Mexico. While the latter are nominally Christian, the former are anti-Christian to an extreme. Islamic doctrine does not tolerate infidels unless forced.
  3. These factors have set up in Europe a substantial and in America a smaller local Islamic population  that includes a stable percentage of potential recruits to Islamic fundamentalist violence. Never mind the present Syrian anschluss, they are already in residence. If they do not provide jihadists, their unemployed kids will do so.
  4. To these, one should add the ever-present percentage of nutcases who will at some point, kill people in whatever cause appeals to them. We used to lock them up; decided a while ago that was too costly and here we are.

All this says to us that periodic shoot-em-ups are now a fixure in our societies as a result of accumulated societal shifts and resulting political changes. We in other words, have made this. Our technology has amplified it via communication and travel improvements.

That, it seems top us, prophesies an increase in these sorts of events as we proceed. Some will be Moslem reaction against threatening modernity (How can anyone remain an honest Moslem while living in today’s world?). Others will be loose nutcases. At times, it will be hard to decide which applies. But we best become used to it, You may note that most everywhere else, already has become used to it.  That’s what you get when you remove behavior restraints previously imposed in the West, by Judeo-Christianity.

It fits with other recent stories of road rage shootings, drive by shootings, home invasion shootings, police shootings and so on. We are replacing the theory of Judeo-Christian non-violence with something else. So why is anyone surprised by events in Colorado and San Bernardino?

Looking ahead, we suppose that as Moslems mix with Europeans and Americans, either the Moslems must change considerable or their hosts must join Islam. The two world views are incompatible at best. Given human nature presented in history, that ultimate accommodation will not proceed rapidly. And the interim will be passed in struggle.

But that is the “Brave New World” we have made. Welcome to the New Normal.





About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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