Thoughts: The San Bernardino Shootings

In San Bernardino, CA today, some 20 people or more, were shot by apparently, 3 armored and masked attackers at a local disability services office Christmas party. (If the new has it right.)

ShootingsOf the reportedly 3 attackers, two were killed by police in their escape vehicle; one as we write this, is supposed to be shooting at police from a church. If we believe the news. As the Feds have leaped into the photo op, we remain cynical.

The Federal government has clearly if quietly moved in on this opportunity rather than leaving it to local law enforcement. It’s simply too much publicity to waste, right? And as Islamic references are leaking around the edges, the story must be controlled, one supposes. The political narrative must not be allowed to drift from the approved line.

The World Trade Center, 9/11, was international terrorism from al Qaeds. The recent Paris shootings were ISIS, apparently. Most else, has been local and formally unaffiliated.

ISIS especially has learned to recruit cheaply and efficiently on the internet, reaching disaffected and not too bright residents in Europe and the U.S. at low cost, setting them off to wreak mayhem in Allah’s name at no cost to ISIS. A free weapon; what’s not to like? The target countries have abandoned their traditional Christianity, opening their citizens to other influences. Sitting ducks. Euro-American political trends have crippled the related economies, leaving young men sans education to fester unemployed and with few prospects. Perfect fodder for Islamic ‘recruiting’ toward jihad. What else awaits them?

So we will see more and more young men in Europe and North America’s self-abolished societies emulating the Boston Bombers and the Paris Shooters. The government’s importation of ¬†multitudes of Moslems will only accelerate the progression.

Added up: The government is dumping hordes of folk into the U.S. who do not accept the U.S. people, lifestyle nor beliefs. They expect support that the shrinking economy will not provide. The locals cannot support them and will resent the need. No formula for peaceful co-existence, right?

And the jihad has accompanied Islam since its beginning and will expand in hard times. Governments are sorting dynamite sticks by matchlight.

Meantime in San Bernardino, we expect that the three shooters – murderers – will be found to be poorly educated, poorly or non – employed, internet-recruited Islamic wanna-be’s or perhaps, young men who have some grievance against the agency attacked. Operationally, nutcases. Whatever their motive, they will have been, as all young Americans are now, somehow entitled.

Islamic intolerance is no doubt a world problem. Western post-Christian abandonment of a common morality may be a larger one. And the entrenched sense of personal entitlement inculcated these days into our progeny will be larger still.

Ft. Hood, Colorado, Boston, San Bernardino are a progression reflecting cultural change and technical advancement, neither reversible. Such statements are now a new normal, whether inspired by insanity, as most seem to be, or by political disaffection as many have been, or by extremist Islam as is currently popular.

But Islam has been there all along; the new impacts in Europe and North America seem more a reflection of social changes in those places. Abandoning the Christian behavioral pattern, we have sown the wind and are indeed, reaping the whirlwind.

As we have quit our previously restrained society, we now enjoy an unrestrained society. For which the bills are now coming in.





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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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3 Responses to Thoughts: The San Bernardino Shootings

  1. michael Curtis says:

    Just to add information to the post. Two of the attackers were attending the party before, they were in the employ of the government, there was reported an argument and the two left only to return later and become the murderers. It was a government hosted christmas party. The tow muslims were paid liberal government employees. Have fun with that.

  2. Jack Curtis says:

    Here is a source:


    With that revelation, we expect a rapid disappearance of the story. And increasing repetitions of the event …Any bets on how the various presidential candidates will deal with it? President Obama?

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