Geopolitics and Greed Explain a Lot

New Silk Road

Opening the West to the East

Media and governments tell us what they want us to know. Exactly as you would do in their place, not so? Really?  we’re being honest?

So there are some not hidden, but ignored issues in our endless wars these days. Consider: WWi, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq I, Afghanistan, Iraq II, now ISIS Iraq+Syria. And in lower key and smaller scale, places like Central Africa. (And others.) War has become an American industry, just as the Founders feared and tried to prevent and of which President Eisenhower publicly warned us in his Farewell Address. Why so?

Basically, because politicians and their campaign donors benefit. For the politicians, government (I.e. their power) expands. For their donors, because their business expands. All at the expense of citizens who are willing to tighten their belts patriotically.

All this underlies present events. Consider:

The Russian pipeline to Europe.

Competing Middle East Pipelines. 

The New Silk Road. 

These underlie present and coming proxy wars and instability but as they don’t make the politicians look good, you won’t hear of them.

In short; it is all fueled by the competition between the major powers, the ones strong enough to competed. China, Russia and the United States for openers.

Russia’s pipelines ad China’s new Silk Road will open the world markets now monopolized by the U.S. and E.U. to Russian and Chines economic competition. Present long, expensive sea shipments will be reduced to much cheaper and quicker supply routes. Western politicians are hearing from their donors about these projects, donors who don’t want more competition. This sort of thing is sometimes called: Geopolitics. It is actually just greedy rich folk struggling over a limited market and the politicians who batten upon it.

It reads a bit like a bad conspiracy theory novel, right? But that plot is ages old and has existed before historical records, we suppose. And here it is, still operating.

It’s especially ironic in that it was U.S. and E.U. capital and technology that have empowered Russia and China and India and others to compete internationally.  The “Rich World” as The Economist has it, is trying to block the economic expansion that they have birthed but with which they are unable to compete; their own costs are too high , a result of politicians buying votes with government goodies supported by insufficient resources.

So Russia, China and Iran want what the United States, Europe and the Gulf Arabs have. But the ‘haves’ wish to to cling to their accomplishments, thus heading off progress in the world to avoid their own impoverishment.

Britain couldn’t cling to its empire nor will the U.S. as the world economy declines. Rome didn’t, either. Nor the Soviets. The actors have changed over the centuries, the play has not.

But for we who watch, perhaps a little light in some of the dark places may provide if not a rationale, a little understanding. It’s just human nature after all …








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