The Two Party System Scam

CollusionWe are struck by a fallacy inherent in a two-party political system, one that is carefully avoided in political science lessons. So far as we have observed, anyway.

The common multi-party systems were disparaged in our college days as too divisive and subject to whims of the moment. America’s system, we were told, was stable and yet, responsive to the citizens who voted.

Nobody bothered to point out the simple fact that in a two party system, it serves those parties better to join in a monopoly of power that to oppose each other in serious matters. That is amplified by the universal political need for money in elections. The donors of that money do not want their fortunes altered every time the party in power changes.

It thus serves both parties interests not to upset the donors too much upon replacing the other party. A result is the continuation of policy from election to election, an aspect of the touted ‘stability.’ Thus, Obamacare is not repealed; any changes will simply attempt to address its more impossible aspects.

A two party system then, has most to gain from pretending to represent different voting blocks while really cooperating with each other, i.e. conspiring against the voters. Politicians need money before they need votes. Such a system then ends as a one party system with plausible deniability. Like a good cop – bad cop interrogation team.

Thus with Clinton-Bush-Rubio, the currently anointed by their parties, as we see it. Most of the rest is temporary window-dressing, unless the Democrats can find a replacement for Hillary. There is time for that, if not much.

But there is Trump. Clearly unwanted by either party and if willing to spend his considerable fortune on it, able to self-fund.  He is running at the moment as a Republican but that has not been his history. He threatens a third  party if the GOP diddles him, a likely prospect for now. He appears to inherit accumulated voter discontent.  So, we suppose, did Obama before him. (Voters seem to learn slowly, if at all.)

Mr. Trump brings up subjects that the anointed wish ignored, subjects of interest to the voters. There are enough contradictions in the Trumpian past to hide whatever President Trump might actually intend to do.

And we have already written that the Trump presence has been a blessing for Ted Cruz, thereby promoted from Republican Party Nutcase to serious candidate.

The most crucial election issue, United States insolvency, continues to be ignored by all sides including Mr. Trump, while the causative overspending continues to be abetted by both parties. Whoever is elected seems likely to inherit the wind.



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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